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Werk - Paranoid Panopticum

ZKM | Collection

The ZKM | Collection includes approximately 8,000 artworks from the twentieth and twenty-first century. It contains works of all genres of fine art – painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, photography, film, video, and installation. The inventory of computer-based installations, video tapes, and video installations is unique throughout the world.

ZKM's Video Research Collection comprises approximately 8,000 titles. It contains works of video art as well as documentaries on artists, works of art, art events, and exhibitions from the 1960s to the present day. For more information, please contact the Media Library.

You can view ca. 1,100 titles from the video art collection on site at the ZKM | Media Lounge.

You can discover the ZKM | Collection online in the section Artworks.


ZKM | Collection
Tel:: +49 (0) 721-8100-1952
E-Mail: collection-and-archives[at]zkm.de

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