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Exhibition view »Open Codes«
 The photo shows a robot-controlled paintbrush that painted a canvas with a yellow color.
Exhibition view »The Art of Immersion«
Exhibition view »FEMINIST AVANT-GARDE of the 1970s«
 A black canvas with dotted LED structures, which seems to extend infinitely.
Exhibition view »Resonances«
AppArtAward - Award
A woman interacts with an interactive touch screen.
A woman standing with headphones in front of a small scene

ZKM Daily program
Thursday, 04.01.2018

The ZKM | Museums are open from 10 am–6 pm today!

The exhibition »Open Codes« is open until 10 pm today!

Workshop: 11 am

ZKM Maker Days @BÄM

Time & location

11 am


Kosten 115 Euro (Inkl. 10 Euro Materialkosten)

Impressionen der Eröffnung von Open Codes

ab 11 Jahren

Hey Ihr MakerInnen und CoderInnen da draußen, wir laden zu einem megacoolen Ferienangebot!

Wir beschäftigen uns mit Code, mit verschiedenen Programmen, Programmiersprachen, Sensoren und Mikrokontrollern. Arduinos, Touch...

Guided tour: 5 pm


Time & location

5 pm


3 € per person + museum admission

Bunter Druck von Harm van den Dorpel

Discover the current exhibitions at ZKM_Atrium 8+9 together with our art mediators. The tour will be given in German, feel free to contact us at the number indicated below for booking individual tours in different languages.


Guided tour: 7 pm

After Work

Time & location

7 pm


free admission + tour

Der Schriftzug »Open Codes« in magenta vor einem Hintergrund aus Code

Every Thursday evening, the Open Codes exhibition invites visitors to join the Open Thursdays event for some after hours programming!

This includes a special kind of public instruction - short but sweet in 30 minutes,...

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