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A molecule in 3 D

Molecules that Changed The World

21.06.2013 – 11.08.2013, ZKM_Subraum


From molecular chemistry to molecular biology we stand on the treshold of a material revolution. In the 1920s, new industrial materials, such as metals, aluminium and acrylic glass were used as raw materials. Today, the developments in nanotechnology and computer-based technology enable insight into matter far beyond existing conceptions, namely into the world of molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. The “molecular revolution” (Félix Guattari, 1977) has already begun.

The installation »Molecules that changed the World« makes elementary chemical molecules such as water and carbon dioxide as well as synthetic complex molecular structures, which have an essential influence on our lives visible in stereoscopic 3D and provides background information on the origin and significance of selected molecules.

Conception: Ljiljana Fruk, Bernd Lintermann
cooperation (KIT): Ishtiaq Ahmed, Dennis Bauer, Sinem Engin, Bianca Geiseler, Dania Kendziora, Marko Miljevic, Andre Petershans, Lukas Stolzer
Graphics: Christina Zartmann
Software: Bernd Lintermann
Technique: Manfred Hauffen
Production: ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Exhibitions team

Sophie-Charlotte Thieroff (project management)

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie
  • Schwarze Fläche mit schematischer Darstellung von Molekülen.
    • Ljiljana Fruk, Bernd Lintermann
    • Molecules that Changed the World
    • ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe, 2016
    • App
    • Language: Croatian, English and German
    • The »Molecules that Changed the World« app is meant to convey the scientific facts and interesting stories of molecules that changed our culture, course of civilization and in short, the world. Among the represented molecules are such basic...

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