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Yellow Bus from Amnesty International

GLOBALE: Human Rights in the Digital Age

Amnesty International on the ZKM Forecourt

19.06.2015 – 21.06.2015, ZKM_Forecourt


With its exhibition »Human Rights in the Digital Age« from June 19 to the 21, the Amnesty International Information Bus will be guest at the ZKM forecourt. Well-suited to the GLOBALE, the subjects of globalization and digitalization are directly related to current debates on human rights.
An increasing number of activities shift in the digital sphere. The exhibition investigates the possibilities for articulating one’s opinion in the digital world, of being able to draw on information from wherever in the world – but also the threat to human rights via the Internet, such as the collection and processing of person-related data or censorship.

Organization / Institution
Amnesty International Karlsruhe
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