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New Gameplay Title

New Gameplay

뉴 게임플레이

20.07.2016 – 17.02.2017, Nam June Paik Art Center



For twenty years, various forms of artistic, experimental, media-reflective as well as ‘serious’ types of computer games have been developed. New strategies in gaming are based on artistic research in the growing fields of audio-visual media. Computer games reflect and analyze the function and structure of our societies...

The exhibition »New Gameplay« comprises six sections, presenting works of game art ranging from art that has computer games as its subject to computer games designed by artists. Classic media art and video games will also be a part of this engaging dialog.

The six sections are: 

  • Homage à Nam June Paik
  • Hacking/Modifying Technology
  • Media Art in the Context of Games
  • Society and Games
  • Urban Play
  • Games and Apps
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