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»Unitape« by Carsten Nicolai


Sat, 09.09.2017 – Sun, 28.01.2018, ZKM_Atrium 1+2
Cost: Museum admission



A neologism, »Datumsoria« conjugates »datum« and »sensoria«, denoting a new perceptual space immanent to the information age. The exhibition »Datumsoria«, conceived and curated by ZHANG Ga and co-presented by Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, ZKM | Karlsruhe and Nam June Paik Art Center brings together highly idiosyncratic works of media art, shedding new light upon relations that bespeak the logic of the Real in the information age.

A reality predicated on binary instructions of the generic, of the uniformity of Ones and Zeros, from whose generality comes forth of a hardening of shapes and forms and emotive residues.

Artists of the exhibition include Ralf Baecker, Laurent Grasso, George Legrady, LIU Xiaodong, Rafael Lozano-Hemmre, Carsten Nicolai, Nam June Paik, YAN Lei, WANG Yuyang and ZHANG Peili. 


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