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Exhibitions 1989-2021

29.10.1989-3.11.1989Achim Stößer: Computer Graphics and Animation
29.10.1989-3.11.1989Soul Search
29.10.1989-3.11.1989Video Art. The New Generation
29.10.1989-3.11.1989Sabine Schäfer, Sybille Wagner: cinq cycles, Musik-Installation
29.10.1989-3.11.1989Wenyon & Gamble: Heavens (Zone 1-4), Holographie-Installation
29.10.1989-3.11.1989Werner Cee, Gereon Lepper and Pupils of the Helmholtz-Gymnasium
29.10.1989-3.11.1989David Johnson: Gefangene Früchte, Audio-Raum-Installation
29.10.1989-3.11.1989Jörg Sasse: Das darf doch nicht wahr sein, Video-Musik-Installation
29.10.1989-3.11.1989Gereon Lepper: Pool Party
29.10.1989-3.11.1989Johannes Goebel: SubBassProtoTon
29.10.1989-3.11.1989Werner Cee: Klangbrunnen
28.5.1991Simone Simons, Peter Bosch: Was der Wind zum Klingen bringt
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Matjuschin and the Leningrad Avant-garde Multimediale 2
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Weinbrenner’s Dream
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Dialogues? Media Technological Devices
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Light and Sound Waves/Thresholds
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Art from the Exploratorium San Francisco
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Dialog in the Dark
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Museum of Media Art
27.5.1991-6.7.1991William Latham: The Conquest of Form
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Karlsruhe Multimedial. Moviemap Karlsruhe
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Peter Eötvös: Grillenmusik
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Gunter Demnig: Infraschall
27.5.1991-6.7.1991Frank Schweitzer, Gerhard Wolfstieg: I00I
5.11.1993-12.11.1993Video Paths
5.11.1993-12.11.1993Moving Images. Electronic Art
5.11.1993-12.11.1993ZKM in the Hall
5.11.1993-12.11.1993Stage Design Today. Stage Design in the Future
5.11.1993-12.11.1993Simone Simons, Peter Bosch: The Electric Swaying Orchestra
5.11.1993-12.11.1993Tim Buhre, Felix Knoth: 38 cbm
19.6.1994-29.6.1994Olaf Arndt, Rob Moonen: Camera Silens
2.6.1994-30.6.1994Die Sinnlichkeit des Unsinnlichen
17.5.1994-2.7.1994Mienenspiele / About Faces
17.5.1994-2.7.1994Toshio Iwai
12.5.1995-20.5.1995ZKM in the Hall. Design and Construction Site
12.5.1995-20.5.1995Fin de Siècle
12.5.1995-20.5.1995Media Histories
12.5.1995-20.5.1995Newfoundland II
12.5.1995-20.5.1995Début. Studentenarbeiten der Staatlichen Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe
12.5.1995-30.5.1995Monitor 1
12.5.1995-30.5.1995Monitor 2 – Siemens Medienkunstpreis 1995
30.6.1996Korpys/Löffler: Sandhaufen
17.10.1997-8.11.1997Opening ZKM Media Museum
17.10.1997-8.11.1997Opening Museum of New Art
29.5.1998-15.8.1998Unexpected Obstacles. The Work of Perry Hoberman 1982–1997
30.9.1997-6.2.1999Art of the Present
5.3.1999The Berkeley Oracle - Fragen ohne Antwort
5.3.1999-3.4.1999The Berkeley Oracle - Fragen ohne Antwort
4.5.1999-4.6.1999Dennis Del Favero: Cross Currents
4.6.1999-6.7.1999William Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies
15.7.1999-20.8.1999Shuichi Fukazawa: An Ordinary Window / Chiho Hoshino: Die Stadt der toten Dichter
25.6.1999-21.8.1999Masaki Fujihata: Nuzzle Afar
5.5.1999-28.8.1999Video Cult/ures
14.7.1999-4.9.1999Dammerstock Project Group: White Reason. Housing Development in the 1920s
30.6.1999-29.9.1999Themenführungen Juli - September 1999
29.9.1999-5.11.1999Nicole Blaffert: Helga and Werner in KA. Besirat Tesfay: Digital Drawings
9.9.1999-13.11.1999Furukawa, Fujihata, Münch: Small Fish
22.9.1999-13.11.1999Calin Dan: Happy Doomsday
3.9.1999-8.1.2000Black Maria
17.11.1999-8.1.2000Antonio Muntadas: Media Architecture Installations
8.12.1999-8.1.2000Michael Bielicky: Delvaux's Dream
22.9.1999-26.2.2000Nicolas Collins: Truth in Clouds
22.9.1999-26.2.2000Golo Föllmer: net_musician
22.9.1999-26.2.2000Johannes Goebel, Torsten Belschner, Bernhard Sturm: Musikschrank Rheingold
22.9.1999-26.2.2000Mark Trayle: ¢apital magneti¢
20.1.2000-3.3.2000h | u | m | b | o | t
22.3.2000Ron Kuivila: Locus of Focus
3.12.1999-25.3.2000Bruce Nauman Works from the FER, Froehlich, Grasslin, Weishaupt Collections
3.12.1999-25.3.2000Werke aus den Sammlungen FER, Froehlich, Grässlin, Weishaupt
9.3.2000-14.4.2000Media Art Action Interaction
15.3.2000-29.4.2000Medien Kunst Interaktion
29.4.2000-20.5.2000Art & Language & Luhmann Nr. 2
26.5.2000-17.6.2000Heiner Goebbels: Ein Bild, das wir Zeit nennen
7.4.2000-26.8.2000The Anagrammatic Body
11.8.2000-23.9.2000Malcolm McLaren: The Casino of Authenticity and Karaoke
1.9.2000-7.10.2000Circles 1
17.5.2000-14.10.2000Sven Sahle, Hans Diebner: Chaotic Itinerancy
29.9.2000-27.10.2000cITy – \\International\Media\Art\Award 2000
15.4.2000-4.11.2000Bill Viola: Stations
15.4.2000-4.11.2000Ute Friederike Jürß: You Never Know the Whole Story
20.10.2000-25.11.2000Circles 2
24.11.2000-7.1.2001Circles 3
10.11.2000-3.2.2001cITy – Data on the City under the Conditions of Information Technology
16.9.2000-10.2.2001Sigmar Polke
2.12.2000-24.2.2001Franz West: In & Out
1.2.2001-9.3.2001Hans Diebner, Sven Sahle: Liquid Perceptron
9.3.2001-17.3.2001Fiction & Science
9.3.2001-31.3.2001Circles 4
29.11.2000-21.4.2001Seeing Time
16.3.2001-5.5.2001Minimal Art
1.9.2000-12.5.2001Circles 1–5
5.4.2001-12.5.2001Circles 5
18.5.2001-28.7.2001ars viva 00/01 Art and Science
2.8.2001-4.8.2001Sabine Schäfer und Joachim Krebs: Sonic Lines n’ Rooms Nr. 5
30.5.2001-25.8.2001Olafur Eliasson: Surroundings Surrounded
1.6.2001-25.8.2001Sylvie Fleury. 49000
11.10.2001-13.10.2001Sabine Schäfer und Joachim Krebs: Sonic Lines n’ Rooms Nr. 7
4.10.2001-9.11.2001DCX. Your World in My Tears
22.9.2001-5.1.2002Keith Haring: Heaven and Hell
28.9.2001-2.2.2002Guy Debord Agent of Critique Contra its Recognition
12.10.2001-23.2.2002CTRL [Space]. Rhetorics of Surveillance From Bentham to Big Brother
16.1.2002-16.3.2002documenta 5. Die »Audiovisuelle Dokumentation« von Karl Oskar Blase “Audiovisual Documentation” by Karl Oskar Blase
21.3.2002Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel: Terminal Identities
21.3.2002Manuela Barth & Barbara U. Schmidt: LaraCroft:ism
21.3.2002-27.3.2002intermedium 2 (exhibition) X or 0. Identities in the 21st Century
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Thomas Palzer, Martin Zeyn: X v 0 Statements
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Oliver Augst & Christoph Korn: Volksliedmaschine
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Shane Cooper: Parasight
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Jan Rohlf/Maverick: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This...
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Christin Lahr: [DPsNTN]
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Felix Stephan Huber: Reality Check One
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Kristin Lucas: Host
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Bjørn Melhus: Again & Again (The Borderer)
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Anny Öztürk: Superheroes
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Paul M. Smith: My Round
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Milica Tomiç: I am Milica Tomiç
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Orhan Kipcak: AC Audiocompounder
21.3.2002-27.3.2002Benjamin Heisenberg: Der Bombenkönig
8.2.2002-31.3.2002Staged Architecture in Contemporary Photography
21.3.2002-20.4.2002Eran Schaerf: The Listener's Voice
21.3.2002-20.4.2002Hermen Maat: Paranoid Panopticon
21.3.2002-6.5.2002Multiple Choices
27.4.2002-25.5.2002ARTEAST 2000+ Art from Eastern Europe
24.4.2002-1.6.2002Ira Schneider: From the beginning … – Video total
26.7.2002-3.8.2002robotlab: Juke_bots
30.4.2002-10.8.2002Tobias Rehberger: Chimes. Until I hear it...
7.7.2002-27.8.2002Art & Language/Thomas Dreher: Blurting in A & L online
3.5.2002-31.8.2002Iconoclash Beyond the Image Wars in Science, Religion and Art
7.7.2002-14.9.2002Freddy Paul Grunert: toweringterms. access2innosense
19.9.2002-2.11.2002Foucault and the Arts
17.10.2002-2.11.2002Jon Jost: Trinity
18.10.2002-30.11.2002Bernhard Leitner: Akustische Architektur
27.9.2002-5.1.2003From ZERO to 2002 Contemporary Art from the Siegfried Weishaupt, Froehlich, FER and Grässlin Collections
8.11.2002-5.1.2003Picture*codes#. 1992-2002 10 Years of Media Art in Dialog
19.12.2002-11.1.2003Dennis Del Favero: Pentimento, 2001
19.12.2002-11.1.2003Jeffrey Shaw: Place-Ruhr, 2000. Place-Urbanity, 2002
31.1.2003-15.2.2003Max Dean: Mist
1.3.2003-22.3.2003Peter Forgács & The Labyrinth Project: The Danube Exodus
15.11.2002-29.3.2003Future Cinema The Cinematic Imaginary after Film
7.2.2003-26.4.2003Martin Kippenberger: The 2nd being
29.1.2003-3.5.2003Sculpture in Video
29.1.2003-24.5.2003Erwin Wurm
15.4.2003-21.6.2003Martin Kippenberger: Schattenspiel im Zweigwerk
27.6.2003Future Cinema (Kiasma)
8.5.2003-26.7.2003Dennis Oppenheim: Aspen Projects
7.7.2002-30.7.2003David Link: Poetry Machine [version 1.0]
11.4.2003-16.8.2003science + fiction Between the Nano World and Global Culture
23.5.2003-30.8.2003The DaimlerChrysler Collection
1.8.2003-12.9.2003BamiyanBuddhasBretonBlast. World Heritage under Attack
31.12.2002-13.9.2003Text/Sound Works from the Media Museum Collection
19.9.2003-11.10.2003Landscape Videos from the ZKM | Mediathek Collection
19.9.2003-11.10.2003Artwork Earth View from above at Glaciers, Deserts and Craters
15.10.2003Unknown Quantity
23.10.2003-25.10.2003Build Rhizomes!
26.9.2003-8.11.2003Marco Preitschopf: [reframing] the Stainless Lack...inhale Mediatorial Oxygen. The Negative Air Pressure
28.10.2003-8.11.2003Don’t Ask
31.10.2003-23.11.2003Amodal Suspension. Relational Architecture 8, 2003 An Internationally Networked Project by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
24.10.2003-6.12.2003Deleuze and the Arts
14.11.2003-21.12.2003The 50 Best \\International\Media\Art\Award 2003
26.9.2003-4.1.2004Obsessive Painting A Critical View of the Neuen Wilden
11.12.2003-28.2.2004Future Cinema (Tokio)
12.1.2004-28.2.2004The Video Essay
13.1.2004-28.2.2004Gerhard Johann Lischka On the Pulse of Time
21.3.2002-29.2.2004Web of Life
10.10.2003-6.3.2004Fast Forward Media Art Goetz Collection
16.1.2004-20.3.2004Ruth Vollmer & Gego: Thinking the Line
4.3.2004-27.3.2004Peter Weibel: Social Matrix Works 1965–79
19.12.2003-17.4.2004Temporal Values From Minimal to Video
30.1.2004-17.4.2004Harun Farocki: Eye/Machine I-III
9.3.2004-1.5.2004Inside Spaces. Exterior Cities
30.3.2004-1.5.2004EU-Project Scalex
6.2.2004-8.5.2004Works from the Boros Collection Positions of Contemporary Art
17.4.2004-7.8.2004Call me Istanbul is my Name
12.5.2004-7.8.2004Bazile: One Size for All Video Documents for an Investigation
13.5.2004-7.8.2004Electronic Sounds The Historical »Studio for Electronic Composition« Designed by Hermann Heiss. 1897-1966
28.5.2004-7.8.2004Pintura Herbert Brandl, Helmut Dorner, Adrian Schiess, Christopher Wool
14.5.2003-23.8.2004Banquet Metabolism and Communication
13.10.2004-15.10.2004robotlab: juke_bots 2.0 Deejaying Robots
30.10.2004World of Games. Reloaded
16.7.2004-6.11.2004Jean Baudrillard and the Arts A Homage on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday
1.10.2004-13.11.2004Diffusion via Video Media Art from the Fonds national d’art contemporain [FNAC] Collection
19.10.2004-20.11.2004From Within and Without
9.12.2004-22.1.2005Hans Kupelwieser
18.9.2004-29.1.2005Phonorama A Cultural History of the Voice as a Medium
22.11.2004-29.1.2005performing_sounds Works from the ZKM Video Collection on the Phenomenon Language
9.12.2004-30.1.2005Nam June Paik: Internet Dream
25.11.2004-5.3.2005Tim Otto Roth: 100 Days. 100 Imachinations
26.1.2005-19.3.2005Julian Rosefeldt: Trilogy of Failure Part 1+2
28.2.2005-2.4.2005The 50 Best \\International\Media\Art\Award 2004
18.2.2005-9.4.2005Frieder Nake: Precise Pleasures Early Computer Graphics and New Interactive Works
30.3.2005-30.4.200511th Marl Video Art Award
30.3.2005-21.5.2005Gary Hill: Suspension of Disbelief
22.4.2005-2.7.2005Coolhunters Youth Cultures between Media and Market
29.4.2005-23.7.2005Ant Farm. 1968–1978
19.5.2005-30.7.2005Renata Sas, Claudius Böhm: Learning to Be a Tourist
6.4.2005-6.8.2005Jochen Gerz: Anthologiy of Art
10.8.2005-10.9.2005Videoart Center Tokyo Selected videos
17.8.2005-10.9.2005Vincent Szarek, Michael Zahn New Works
18.8.2005-10.9.2005Das digitale Bauhaus
13.1.2005-2.10.2005Exit_Stepping out of the Picture
19.3.2005-2.10.2005Making Things Public Atmospheres of Democracy
3.6.2005-2.10.200551:49 All Power Emanates from the People
27.7.2005-8.10.2005Resonances The Electromagnetic Bodies Project
22.9.2005-26.10.2005The Public as Medium Research at the Interface of Performance and Video
23.10.2005-29.10.2005Good Buildings An Association of German Architects in the ZKM Exhibition
13.10.2005-19.11.2005Screening War On the Representation of War in Video Art
4.11.2005-7.1.2006Art & Language and The Red Krayola
23.11.2005-14.1.2006The Public as Medium II Research on the transitions between performance and video
4.2.2006-18.2.2006Artificial/Art Light InKa Photo Competition for Pupils as Part of the Exhibition »Light Art from Artificial Light«
19.1.2006-2.3.2006Teaching/Producing Teaching, Communication and Production in the Age of Consumer-generated Content
30.11.2005-11.3.2006Video/Economy Global Standard Distribution
3.3.2006-13.3.2006Bazon Brock: March of Desire Through the Landscape of Theory Contraindications. Good Friday Philosophy - The Fascist as a Democrat
31.1.2006-18.3.2006Screening War (ZKMax) On the Representation of War in Video Art
26.3.2006Klaus vom Bruch: Selected Videos
24.3.2006-8.4.2006Faces of Survival
26.3.2006-3.5.2006Light Art from Artificial Light @ZKMax
24.3.2006-20.5.200640yearsvideoart.de Part 1. Revision.zkm
12.5.2006-20.5.2006Kunst Computer Werke [Art Computer Works]
26.5.2006Short Frites Explosion
17.5.2006-10.6.2006Algorithmic Revolution
8.12.2005-17.6.2006Stephan von Huene: Border Crosser, Border Mover
6.6.2006-1.7.2006Shilpa Gupta
6.7.2006-13.7.2006Jaundice / Addiction to Yellow The Olaf Metzel Class
6.6.2006-2.8.2006Philip Pocock: SpacePlace Art in the Age of Orbitization
18.11.2005-5.8.2006Light Art from Artificial Light
22.4.2006-5.8.2006Images of an Empire Life in Pre-revolutionary Russia
30.6.2006-12.8.2006Stefano Scheda: Meteo 2004, 2004 The Reality Show of Hallucination
31.7.2006-30.8.2006Night Vision Video and Film from the ZKM Video Collection
2.8.2006-9.9.2006videoUNDERground Young Video Art from Karlsruhe and Munich
26.8.2006-16.9.2006Pélerinages Weimar Art Festival Biblioteca Insomnnia. The Digital Bauhaus II
23.5.2006-23.9.2006Art lives! Seeing the World through Different Eyes
8.9.2006-3.10.2006Iannis Xenakis: Music and Architecture
18.8.2006-14.10.2006Georg Nees: The Great Temptation Early Generative Computer Graphics
1.9.2006-14.10.2006Ignasi Aballí. 0–24 h
13.9.2006-14.10.2006Jack Goldstein
18.9.2004-28.10.2006Masterpieces of Media Art from the ZKM Collection
27.4.2006-28.10.2006New Works in the Media Museum
1.9.2006-28.10.2006Interconnect @ Between Attention and Immersion Media Art from Brazil
6.9.2006-28.10.2006Infermental The Video Vocabulary of the 1980's
27.10.2006-2.12.2006Silent Music. George Brecht 80 Radio Plays
18.10.2006-9.12.2006Julian Rosefeldt: Trilogy of Failure Part 3. The Perfectionist
23.9.2006-6.1.2007Faster! Bigger! Better! Signet Works of the Collections
23.9.2006-6.1.2007Total City. Beijing Case Cultural Aspects of the High Speed Urbanization in China
3.11.2006-6.1.2007Paul Virillo and the Arts
24.11.2006-3.2.2007Lisa Schmitz: InVerse Library
27.1.2007-4.2.2007Flying Circus (4/4)
10.1.2007-27.2.2007Robert Cahen Falling, 1997. Falling with Words, 2000
2.2.2007-17.3.2007Michael Kunze: The Gentlemen fom Avignon
15.12.2006-24.3.2007MindFrames. Media Study at Buffalo
13.1.2007-24.3.2007art_clips.ch.at.de 90 Short Videos from Switzerland, Austria and Germany
20.7.2006-8.4.2007The Museum of Time-based Art Music and Museum. Film and Museum
6.4.2007-14.4.2007Bernd Lintermann, Torsten Belschner: Sono reMorphed, 2007
8.3.2007-28.4.2007Michael Kosakowski: Fortynine Inside
8.3.2007-28.4.2007Zilla Leutenegger The Munich Apartment, 2004-2006
9.1.2007-30.4.2007Faster! Bigger! Better! light
16.2.2007-30.4.2007Imagination Becomes Reality An Exhibition on the Expanded Concept of Painting. Works from the Goetz Collection
30.3.2007-12.5.2007Mischa Kuball: ReMix/BrocaII (Letters/Numbers)
30.3.2007-12.5.2007My Gene, it has Five Corners...
16.5.2007-14.6.2007Discover Sudan
12.5.2007-26.6.2007Collecting Sounds
10.7.2007-4.8.2007Mathematics at your Fingertips
11.5.2007-18.8.2007Between Two Deaths
22.6.2007-1.9.2007Wolfgang von Kempelen: Man-[in the]-Machine
8.7.2007-8.9.2007propos ZKM: New Asian Art. Thermocline of Art
8.7.2007-8.9.2007Susanne Wagner The Duel, 2006
17.10.2007On. Hall A 1997
14.6.2007-3.11.2007Thermocline of Art New Asian Waves
23.9.2007-3.11.2007Martina Salzberger and Lookatmekid: Rootless Things Lookatmekid moves Salzberger
23.9.2007-3.11.2007Stefan Nikolaev Minouk, the Painting Fish, 1994-2004
26.10.2007-10.11.2007Robert Darroll, Sean Reed: Oracle
30.10.2004-5.1.2008Algorithmic Revolution The History of Interactive Art
22.11.2007-5.1.2008Nature and Environment in Armenia
14.12.2007-5.1.2008The Wooster Group: There is Still Time... Brother
23.3.2007-31.1.2008Jakob Gautel: Tower of Babel
12.12.2007-2.2.2008art_clips.ch.at.de (ZKMax) 90 Short Videos from Switzerland, Austria and Germany
24.1.2008-16.2.2008Jean Michel Bruyère: CaMg[Co3]
21.2.2008Place-Hampi Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw with John Gollings, Paul Doornbusch
25.12.2007-23.2.2008Space Invaders Light Installation by Kehres/Hungerer
11.1.2008-1.3.2008Candida Höfer: Groups Work since 1968
11.1.2008-1.3.2008Diamonds and Bars The Art of Amish Quilts from the Schlumberger Collection
7.2.2008-15.3.2008Ute Friedrike Jürß: Die Zeit hält den Atem an, 2007 Time Hold’s its Breath, 2007
14.12.2007-29.3.2008Paul Thek Works in the Context of Today's Contemporary Art
16.2.2008-12.4.2008GAO Xingjian: Paper, Ink, Film
19.3.2008-26.4.2008Works by Simone Westerwinter and Pietro Sanguineti
28.2.2008-24.5.2008Our Literal Speed Performative Discourse
28.3.2008-31.5.2008High Times, Hard Times
31.5.2008-21.6.2008The Strong Consumer A Project by Stephanie Senge
29.5.2008-28.6.2008Bo Christian Larsson, Murena, Tobias Yves Zintel: Interesting productions #3
2.6.2008-29.6.2008Special Olympics Portrait Project
6.6.2008-5.7.2008Give me the Cherries! Chitchat with Balls in Nancy Hall
1.8.2008Emanuel Raab: The Image of Man
5.8.2008-7.8.2008Robert Darroll, Sean Reed: Oracle
18.7.2008-9.8.2008Hermann Kleinknecht. Hartmut Lerch Humans Answer/Human Answers, 2004-07. Portrait, 1981
4.4.2008-23.8.2008Rome – Open Painting The Material Picture in Italy of the 1950s and 1960s
20.6.2008-23.8.2008Giuseppe Uncini
18.7.2008-13.9.2008DIAL A Project by Horst Konietzny and Tamiko Thiel
18.8.2008-13.9.2008Harmony of Clash The Return Match
26.8.2008-13.9.2008Chris Ziegler: Rickshaw Bangalore
16.9.2008-20.9.2008Golo Föllmer, Gívan Belá: Vanricio Kagol II
1.10.2008-7.10.2008Apichatpong Weerasethakul: Emerald/Morakot, 2007
21.5.2008-11.10.2008Familiar Terrain Current Art in/about Germany
23.9.2008-15.10.2008850 – Contemporary Arts Program – revisited
19.9.2008-15.11.2008Notation (Academy of the Arts) Calculation and Form in the Arts
23.10.2008-29.11.2008dctp - Alexander Kluge. The Interview as Artistic Form
23.10.2008-29.11.2008Gerhard Friebe: The Minerva Project
30.9.2008-3.1.2009Stop. Watch Current short films and video work on ecological themes
26.11.2008-9.1.2009Once in a Lifetime – Formalismus heute
16.12.2008-10.1.2009At Eye Level
22.2.2008-17.1.2009bit international. [Nove] tendencije Computer und visuelle Forschung. Zagreb 1961–1973
22.10.2008-17.1.2009Nam June Paik Works from the ZKM Collection
14.10.2008-24.1.2009Olafur Eliasson: Your Spiral View, 2002 A Presentation from the Boros Collection
4.10.2008-31.1.20092xGOLDSTEIN: Im Zustand wie gesehen
9.12.2008-7.2.2009Gerwin Eipper: The Darkest Star, 2007
13.12.2008-7.2.2009Gerwald Rockenschaub: Six Animations, 2002
26.9.2008-14.2.2009The Discreet Charm of Technology Art in Spain
13.2.2009-21.3.2009Edmund Kuppel: The Cabinet of Ferdinand von Blumenfeld
16.2.2009-28.3.200913th Marl Video Art Award Screening of 20 Video Works
22.11.2008-18.4.2009Medium Religion
14.6.2008-19.4.2009Clio A Short History of Art in Euramerica after 1945
2.4.2009-24.4.2009Matthias Fritsch: Parallaxe, 2008
20.10.2007-29.4.2009YOU_ser The Century of the Consumer
27.4.2007-30.5.2009rosalie: Helios
6.4.2009-30.5.2009Stephanie Maier. Bill Viola
22.5.2009-4.6.2009Public as Medium III
27.11.2008-13.6.2009Camera Imago 1:1
13.3.2009-27.6.2009Banquete. Nodes and Networks Cyber Culture in Spain
20.2.2009-4.7.2009Interface Desk or Against Pigeonholing [lit. Thinking in Compartments]
28.2.2009-25.7.2009Notation Calculation and Form in the Arts
31.7.2009-1.8.2009Zachary Seldess: A Head of View
20.3.2009-15.8.2009Uncharted: User Frames in Media Arts
30.4.2009-29.8.2009YOU_ser 2.0. Celebration of the Consumer New Research, New Works, New Aspects
17.7.2009-5.9.2009RECORD > AGAIN! Part 2
31.7.2009-5.9.2009Habitable Libraries
31.7.2009-12.9.2009Libelli Paper Objects from Print Media by Gerhild Rother
11.7.2009-26.9.2009Osvaldo Romberg: Theater of Transparency
5.6.2009-27.9.2009[Vote Home] Where Art Meets Democracy
24.10.2008-30.9.2009rosalie: Hyperion_Fragment
10.9.2009-10.10.2009Stefano Cagol: September 11
20.5.2009-17.10.2009Extended The Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Collection
31.7.2009-17.10.2009Collectors’ Choice I + II
31.7.2009-17.10.2009Martin Walde: Hallucigenia
17.9.2009-14.11.2009RECORD > AGAIN! (Aachen)
3.7.2009-9.1.2010<SA/JO>: MicroSonical Shining Biospheres No. 1, 2009
12.11.2009-9.1.2010Free Choice? The Powers of Form in Art’s Life
27.11.2009-13.2.2010RECORD > AGAIN! (Dresden)
4.12.2009-20.2.2010Native Land. Stop Eject
26.11.2009-14.3.2010Chiara Dynys: In alto
25.2.2010-4.4.2010RECORD > AGAIN! (Oldenburg)
4.12.2009-9.4.2010just what is it... 100 Years of Modern Art from Private Collections in Baden-Württemberg
6.2.2010-10.4.2010Bense and the Arts
24.4.2010-19.6.2010Symmetrical Art from Hungary A ZKM Exhibition as Part of the 20th European Culture Convention 2010
7.5.2010-24.7.2010Katrin Jakobsen: Everything’s Gonna be Fine
12.5.2010-21.8.2010Robert Wilson: Video Portraits
9.10.2009-23.9.2010Experiments in Art and Technology research@zkm
2.7.2010-25.9.2010Wolf Kahlen: VideoTapes 1969–2010
6.8.2010-25.9.2010The Curiosity Cabinet of Science
12.5.2010-2.10.2010Jürgen Klauke: Aesthetic Paranoia
17.6.2010-2.10.2010Fast Forward 2. The Power of Motion Media Art of the Goetz Collection
6.8.2010-2.10.2010Stephan von Huene: The Song of the Line Drawings from Five Decades
21.9.2010-23.10.2010Electrifying The History of Electricity
9.11.2010-13.11.2010Hörspielbahn mit Live-Performance
15.10.2010-8.1.2011Conversational Art Kurd Alsleben, Antje Eske and Friends
15.10.2010-8.1.2011Herbert W. Franke: Wanderer Between the Worlds
6.11.2010-8.1.2011Architecture and Identity Works from the ZKM_Collection
2.10.2010-29.1.2011Emil Wachter: Stillness and Movement Watercolors on Dance
30.11.2010-27.2.2011Weather Station 2030
30.11.2010-27.2.2011Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis
10.10.2010-26.3.2011Wassily im Klangcontainer
6.11.2010-26.3.2011Elmgreen & Dragset: Celebrity
10.11.2010-26.3.2011Sounds Radio. Art. New Music
28.1.2011-26.3.2011Frédéric Chaubin: CCCP
2.10.2010-2.4.2011Before the ZKM Project 99, 9% and Art in the Hall. 1980–1994
12.2.2011-2.4.2011Mischa Kuball: Platon's Mirror
28.1.2011-24.4.2011Robert Cahen: Narrating the Invisible
9.10.2009-7.5.2011Imagining Media@ZKM
18.3.2011-14.5.2011Edmund Kuppel: Projections 1970–2010 Sprawling Visual Fields
2.3.2011-30.5.2011Boris Petrovsky: You&Me-isms
19.4.2011-4.6.2011Edmund Kuppel: Rediscovered
29.4.2011-11.6.2011Ingeborg Lüscher: The Other Side
1.7.2011-15.7.2011Woven Light
6.5.2011-6.8.2011Francesco Lo Savio, Tano Festa: The Lack of the Other
6.5.2011-6.8.2011Atlas. How To Carry The World On One’s Back?
27.5.2011-24.9.2011Lee Bontecou: Insights
27.5.2011-24.9.2011Bill Bollinger: The Retrospective
20.8.2011-15.10.2011Vision. Seeing
17.6.2011-7.1.2012Car Culture. Media of Mobility
17.6.2011-7.1.2012From Hertz to Mobile
30.9.2011-7.1.2012Digital Art Works
21.10.2011-7.1.2012Sensor. Time for Young Approaches
23.9.2011-28.1.2012Hiroshi Kawano. The Philosopher at the Computer
16.9.2011-18.2.2012The Global Contemporary Art Worlds after 1989
17.1.2012-3.3.2012Sensor. Time for Young Approaches
4.11.2011-10.3.2012Symbiosis – 1.5 Tons of Global Entanglement
7.3.2012-28.4.2012Moments A History of Performance in 10 Acts
7.3.2012-28.4.2012act/ion. Recorded Performances
13.3.2012-12.5.2012Sensor. Time for Young Approaches
29.2.2012-29.6.2012[Power station ZKM]
1.3.2012-3.7.2012Car Culture. Media of Mobility
22.5.2012-14.7.2012Sensor. Time for Young Approaches
23.3.2012-11.8.2012The Name is BURROUGHS. Expanded Media
27.1.2012-18.8.2012The State of Image The Media Pioneers Zbigniew Rybczyński and Gábor Bódy
5.4.2012-18.8.2012Dieter Meier: Works 1969–2011 and the YELLO Years
15.6.2012-22.9.2012Digital Art Works (CEAAC, Straßburg)
15.6.2012-29.9.2012Bernhard Sandfort: Dialogic Painting and the Museum of Questions
15.6.2012-29.9.2012Józef Robakowski: The Handshake
15.6.2012-29.9.2012Ivan Faktor: First Program
25.5.2012-6.10.2012Franz Erhard Walther: Space Through Action
24.7.2012-13.10.2012Sensor. Time for Young Approaches
21.11.2012The Neuron's Turing Test: Computer-Generated Neurons
16.3.2012-5.1.2013Sound Art Sound as a Medium of Art
2.11.2012-5.1.2013Better Books Art, Anarchy and Apostasy
21.10.2011-9.2.2013The Hirsch–index. The Art of Quotation
21.9.2012-9.2.2013Vidéo Vintage 1963-1983
2.11.2012-9.2.2013PRESENTation Gifts for the ZKM Collection
16.11.2012-9.2.2013ARTE and ZKM present: Everything for Art
22.6.2012-23.2.2013Inter-Facing the Archive The Media Art Portal netzspannung.org
14.2.2013-28.2.2013Body in Abstraction
14.9.2012-9.3.2013ARTandPRESS Art. Truth. Reality
31.1.2013-23.3.2013Nothing to Declare? World Maps of Art since '89
24.1.2013-31.3.2013Energy Fields In Celebration of Otto Piene's 85th Birthday
2.11.2012-6.4.2013One Sixth of the Earth Ecologies of Image
1.3.2013-11.5.2013Henry Flynt
1.3.2013-18.5.2013Machinevision Field Research in the Spaces of Imaging Technologies
7.3.2013-8.6.2013Blaffert & Wamhof: JHQ Rheindahlen
25.6.2013-28.6.2013next_generation 5.0 - Installations
20.6.2013-29.6.2013Kryptologicum Understanding Cryptography
9.7.2013-27.7.2013Urban Blind Date: Karlsruhe − Dortmund
8.2.2013-3.8.2013Move on Asia Video Art in Asia. 2002 to 2012
8.2.2013-3.8.2013Du Zhenjun: Babel World
20.6.2013-10.8.2013Molecules that Changed The World
21.6.2013-24.8.2013Eran Schaerf. FM-Scenario: Reality Race
1.3.2013-31.8.2013Boris Petrovsky: The Wishful Matrix
7.6.2013-31.8.2013The Algorithm of Manfred Mohr 1963- Present
14.6.2013-31.8.2013Beat Generation. Allen Ginsberg
26.4.2013-7.9.2013Cross-border Contemporary Female Artists from the Arabian Mediterranean Region
14.9.2013The Morning Line
5.4.2013-21.9.2013Werner Büttner: Common/Cruel Truths
4.7.2013-2.11.2013Cerith Wyn Evans: The What If?... Scenario (after LG)
17.5.2013-9.11.2013Matthew Day Jackson: Total Accomplishment
26.11.2013-25.1.2014Marion Kalter. Silent Piece
27.9.2013-29.1.2014Sasha Waltz Installations Objects Performances
26.4.2013-1.3.2014Generosity Donations and Loans to the ZKM Collection
18.7.2013-1.3.2014The Gernsback Prophecy Father of Science Fiction
26.10.2013-2.3.2014Travelling the world. Art from Germany Artworks from the ifa Collection, 1949 to the Present
16.11.2013-2.3.2014TYPEMOTION Type as Image in Motion
15.8.2013-8.3.2014IDEAMA Sound Path Augmented Reality Hearing Stations
13.2.2014-27.3.2014in medias res...
14.12.2013-30.3.2014global aCtIVISm
7.1.2014-30.3.2014Kata Legrady: Smart Pistols
30.4.2014-2.5.2014Linux Audio Conference 2014 (Installations)
16.3.2014-22.6.2014High Performance. The JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION as Guest at the ZKM Time-based Media Art since 1996
16.3.2014-22.6.2014Julia Bornefeld: Vanity and High Fidelity
4.6.2014-1.7.2014fünfhochzwei [five to the power of two] Artworks from the ZKM | Collection
12.7.2013-5.7.2014AppArtAward 2013. Highlights
30.5.2014-6.7.2014Diemut Strebe: Sugababe
12.4.2014-13.7.2014Mapping Spaces Networks of Knowledge in the Landscape Art of the 17th Century
20.6.2013-2.8.2014ZKM_Gameplay The Game Platform at the ZKM. Start New Game!
12.4.2014-3.8.2014GJ Lischka. Present Mind
5.7.2013-16.8.2014Holography from the ZKM collection
30.4.2014-17.8.2014Perry Hoberman: Faraday's Garden
5.7.2014-5.10.2014Claus Bremer. mitspiel. theater and poetry 1949–1994
8.10.2014-11.10.2014BEYOND 2014 (Installationen)
4.11.2014-7.11.2014Christoph Korn: Eingedenken
24.5.2014-9.11.2014Beuys Brock Vostell
26.7.2014-9.11.2014Jean-Jacques Lebel. The Highest of All the Arts is Insurrection
26.7.2014-9.11.2014Jonas Mekas. 365 Day Project Closed: Thurs–Sun, Sept 11.–12, 2014!
6.9.2014-6.1.2015Ed Sommer. Planetare Allianz
14.11.2014-27.1.2015Striking Types Historic Typewriters in Changing Times. Writing Machines and Obsolescence. Photography by Robert Bean
12.12.2014-5.4.2015Lynn Hershman Leeson: Civic Radar
16.7.2014-6.4.2015AppArtAward 2014 – Highlights
12.9.2014-6.4.2015ZKM_Gameplay The Game platform at the ZKM. Restart the Game!
3.10.2014-6.4.2015From Ackermann to Zabotin The Municipal Gallery Karlsruhe as guest at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art
1.11.2014-6.4.2015Gianfranco Baruchello. Certain Ideas
16.4.2015-25.4.2015Women Video Work(s) Videos by women artists on the theme of work and production
18.6.2015-20.6.2015GLOBALE: Human Rights in the Digital Age Amnesty International on the ZKM Forecourt
1.7.2015-1.8.2015[MASTERCLASS] Student scholarship at the ZKM exhibit / Video / Photography / Sound / Sculpture
18.6.2015-8.8.2015The Coldest Planet in the Universe: The Human Heart Violence and Genocide in the Twentieth Century
18.6.2015-8.8.2015Tim Otto Roth: Heaven’s Carousel As part of »The City is the Star«
20.6.2015-8.8.2015GLOBALE: Ryoji Ikeda micro | macro
20.6.2015-14.9.2015GLOBALE: Transsolar + Tetsuo Kondo Cloudscapes
18.6.2015-17.9.2015Blaffert & Wamhof: Versuch – Bergen-Belsen
19.9.2015Stadtleuchten [City lights]
18.6.2015-26.9.2015The City Is the Star – Art at the Construction Site From K-Punkt at the Staatstheater to Marktplatz
18.6.2015-26.9.2015Hans Hollein: Car Building As part of »The City is the Star«
18.6.2015-26.9.2015Erwin Wurm: Truck As part of »The City is the Star«
20.6.2015-26.9.2015Wermke/Leinkauf: Safe in the City
19.6.2015-27.9.2015Leandro Erlich: Pulled by the Roots As part of »The City is the Star«
20.6.2015-29.9.2015GLOBALE: HA Schult – Action Blue
11.10.2015-13.10.2015Architecture in the spotlight Tri-national exhibition as part of the Architecture Days 2015
14.8.2015-17.10.2015GLOBALE: Without Firm Ground – Vilém Flusser and the Arts
13.6.2015-14.11.2015Lynn Hershman Leeson. Civic Radar (Falckenberg Collection, Hamburg)
26.11.2015-27.11.2015inSonic2015 – Installationen
1.10.2015-28.11.2015GLOBALE: Seismographic Sounds Visions of a New World
18.11.2015-9.1.2016Without Firm Ground – Vilém Flusser and the Arts (Akademie der Künste, Berlin)
4.9.2015-30.1.2016GLOBALE: Infosphere
4.9.2015-30.1.2016GLOBALE: Armin Linke The Appearance of That Which Cannot be Seen
4.9.2015-30.1.2016GLOBALE: Fabrizio Tamburini: Beyond Einstein’s Dream. Riding the Photons
9.12.2015-6.2.2016Refugees In A State Apartment
24.9.2015-27.2.2016GLOBALE: Virtual Sound Gallery
30.10.2015-27.2.2016GLOBALE: Exo-Evolution
30.10.2015-27.2.2016GLOBALE: The Future is Here
3.12.2015-27.2.2016Fast Forward Science 2015 The web video competition for science
11.3.2016-12.3.2016GLOBALE: raster-noton.white circle
24.1.2016-9.4.2016rosalie: Marathon der Tiere
18.6.2015-16.4.2016GLOBALE: Program The new art event in the digital age
10.8.2015-16.4.2016GLOBALE: Global Games
3.12.2015-29.4.2016GLOBALE: David Link: Monster Resurrection An Archaeology of Calculating Machines
27.4.2016-29.4.2016raster-noton presents: white circle
18.3.2016-6.5.2016Without Firm Ground – Vilém Flusser and the Arts (West, The Hague)
20.2.2016-14.5.2016CROSS-BORDER (PATAKA Art + Museum, Porirua, New Zealand) Video works by contemporary artists from the Southern Mediterranean
27.1.2016-30.5.2016Neuzugänge der ZKM-Sammlung: Werke von Concha Jerez und José Iges
26.2.2016-4.6.2016 Liquid Identities – Lynn Hershman Leeson (Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg) Identities in the 21st Century
12.11.2015-25.6.2016GLOBALE: The Infosphere of the 19th century
10.8.2015-14.7.2016AppArtAward 2015 – Highlights
2.10.2015-30.7.2016GLOBALE: GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP Weltweite Überwachung und Zensur
9.4.2016-6.8.2016The Modernization Process of Chinese Art
1.7.2016-6.8.2016[MASTERCLASS] Student scholarship at the ZKM exhibit: Video / Photography / Sound / Sculpture / Virtual Reality
15.4.2016-20.8.2016GLOBALE: Reset Modernity!
15.4.2016-20.8.2016GLOBALE: Armin Linke The Appearance of That Which Cannot be Seen
15.4.2016-20.8.2016GLOBALE: Territorial Agency Museum of Oil
30.10.2015-3.9.2016GLOBALE: Allah’s Automata Artifacts of the Arab Islamic Renaissance (800–1200)
4.3.2016-3.9.2016GLOBALE: New Sensorium Exiting from Failures of Modernization
23.4.2016-3.9.2016GLOBALE: Vienna Circle – Digital Logic and Scientific Philosophy
12.7.2016-10.9.2016Ramon Llull | The Thinking Machine Ramon Llull and the Ars combinatoria
19.9.2016-21.9.2016Dataspheres Exhibition within the CODE_N new.New festival
20.7.2016-23.9.2016Digital Water Games
6.8.2016-24.9.2016Schlosslichtspiele 2016 New magnificent shows
13.10.2016-15.10.2016trans_actions: The Accelerated Art World 1989–2011 Deterritorialized Complexity – Visualizing Artworlds after 1989
31.5.2016-22.10.2016Molecules that Changed the World
22.7.2016-29.10.2016Milan Grygar. Sound on Paper
31.8.2016-12.11.2016Aby Warburg. Mnemosyne Bilderatlas Reconstruction – Commentary – Revision
17.9.2016-29.12.2016Datumsoria An Exhibition of LIU Xiaodong, Carsten Nicolai and Nam June Paik
13.5.2014-30.12.2016ArtOnYourScreen Be part of it!
8.9.2016-7.1.2017William Kentridge: More Sweetly Play the Dance
23.1.2017-24.1.2017Art & Science
21.10.2016-28.1.2017Art in Europe 1945–1968 The Continent that the EU does not know
19.7.2016-16.2.2017New Gameplay
10.12.2016-4.3.2017Floris Neusüss, Renate Heyne: Leibniz’ Storehouse Collections in Photograms
4.11.2016-18.3.2017Frei Otto. Thinking by Modeling
10.12.2016-22.4.2017Albrecht Kunkel: QUEST Photographs 1989–2009
8.11.2016-29.4.2017Gideon Bachmann. Film Art on Air Gideon Bachmann’s interviews with cinema personalities.
25.11.2016-29.4.2017Beat Generation
6.12.2016-29.4.2017Fast Forward Science 2016 The web video competition for science
4.4.2017-6.5.2017Without Firm Ground – Vilém Flusser and the Arts (GAMU, Prague)
15.11.2016-20.5.2017Games and Politics
9.2.2017-20.5.2017Lynn Hershman Leeson: Civic Radar (YBCA, San Francisco)
6.3.2017-27.5.2017Facing the Future Art in Europe 1945–1968
23.3.2017-17.6.2017Armin Linke: The Appearance of That Which Cannot Be Seen
12.4.2017-17.6.2017Architecture of the Alphabet
13.6.2017-17.6.2017next_generation 7.0 – Installationen
31.3.2017-1.7.2017Hansjörg Mayer: The Smell of Ink Within the series of »Poetic Expansions«
31.3.2017-1.7.2017Nanni Balestrini: For anyone reading ths there is nothing left to fear Within the series of »Poetic Expansions«
24.7.2016-7.7.2017AppArtAward 2016 – Highlights
31.3.2017-8.7.2017soon | just | now. gerhard rühm as intermedia pioneer Within the series of »Poetic Expansions«
31.3.2017-8.7.2017Poetic Expansions I
17.5.2017-29.7.2017Joachim Krebs: Deleuze and the Sampler as an Audio-Microscope
2.6.2017-30.7.2017Daniel García Andújar: Let’s Democratise Democracy
5.8.2017Gözde Bulakeri: CHIT-CHAT
10.3.2017-5.8.2017Aldo Tambellini: Black Matters
14.7.2017-5.8.2017[MASTERCLASS] Student scholarship holders of the ZKM exhibit: Video / Photography / Sound / Sculpture / Generated Art / Installation
28.4.2017-19.8.2017Markus Lüpertz Kunst, die im Wege steht
25.5.2017-2.9.2017Infosphere The Transformation of Things into Data
2.8.2017-9.9.2017Schlosslichtspiele 2017
23.5.2017-30.9.2017Centerbeam. A Performative Sculpture by CAVS
31.8.2017-6.10.2017Between success and persecution Jewish stars in German sport till 1933 and beyond
2.5.2017-14.10.2017// supraliminal
26.7.2017-21.10.2017Konrad Balder Schäuffelen: language is a body, forsooth As part of the »Poetic Expansions« series
26.7.2017-21.10.2017Helmut Heißenbüttel: writing collecting broadcasting As part of the »Poetic Expansions« series
26.7.2017-21.10.2017Reinhard Döhl: Everything is Possible. Anything Goes.
26.7.2017-21.10.2017Poetic Expansions II
2.6.2017-6.1.2018Hybrid Layers
30.6.2017-27.1.2018Radical Software. The Raindance Foundation, Media Ecology and Video Art
8.9.2017-27.1.2018The Art of Immersion I
11.10.2017-22.2.2018Games and Politics
3.11.2017-24.2.2018Resonances. 40 years of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg
8.9.2017-17.3.2018Datumsoria: The Return of the Real
17.11.2017-7.4.2018FEMINIST AVANT-GARDE of the 1970s from the SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection, Vienna
22.3.2018-13.4.2018Walter Giers. Electronic Art
8.2.2018-26.5.2018The Art of Immersion II The Digital Theater of the Future


5.4.2018-26.5.2018 The Art of Immersion III Inside Tumucumaque. A virtual reality installation
6.4.2018-1.6.2018Open Codes. Digital Culture Techniques
14.2.2018-4.8.2018Web Residencies by Solitude and ZKM A presentation within the exhibition »Open Codes«
16.3.2018-4.8.2018DIA-LOGOS Ramon Llull and the ars combinatoria
18.5.2018-15.9.2018The Freezepoint of Painting Herbert Zangs' Whitenings
13.7.2018-10.11.2018Art in Motion. 100 Masterpieces with and through Media An Operative Canon
19.4.2016-30.12.2018ZKM_Gameplay The Game platform at the ZKM. Restart the Game!
6.7.2017-30.12.2018AppArtAward 2017 – Highlights
19.10.2017-5.1.2019Open Codes Living in Digital Worlds
16.11.2018-23.2.2019Digital Imaginairies – Africas in Production Research and exhibition project in Dakar, Johannesburg and Karlsruhe
15.3.2019-27.3.2021Writing the History of the Future The ZKM Collection
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