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People lie on the grass in the sun. In the background, a large, open building

The GLOBALE as Guest in the Pavilion

This sculptural building by the renowned international architect Jürgen Mayer H. is the centrepiece of the Karlsruhe Festival Summer and the eye-catcher of the Karlsruhe Palace Garden. The Pavilion is open daily from June 17 to 27 September, 2015. It serves as information point and venue of events celebrating the anniversary of Karlsruhe, and a meeting point with panorama terrace. Here one can relax with a cup of coffee, enjoy the colorful stage events, or simply take pleasure in the view of the garden.

Multi-faceted film and music program

On occasion of the GLOBALE, the ZKM is also using the Pavilion to stage a multi-faceted program. On Thursdays, three documentaries deal with topical subjects of global cultural and social interest. The films provide insights into life stories, as well as presenting a global polyphonic debate. The GLOBALE launches its Pavilion program with a live performance by Nástio Mosquito, which the Angolan multimedia artist created especially for this occasion and this venue. The second concert will be given by the Danish producer-and-composer collective and masters of sampling, Den Sorte Skole. Furthermore, the ZKM has persuaded the multinational supergroup Apparatjik to play one of their rare gigs.

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