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A person working at the computer, photographed from behind

Guest Artists and Guest Scholars

The ZKM is a place of research and production. Here, both artists and scientists are given the opportunity to realize works and research ideas, and are provided with support at all levels – technically, organizationally, and financially.
Since the founding of the ZKM in 1989, there have been over 400 guest artists and scientists. For over twenty-five years, artistic works (concerts, operas, performances, interactive installations, films, and computer games, etc.) and scientific works (essays, books, symposia, and exhibitions), have been produced here and technical innovations made in the fields of software and hardware.
The program aims to support all genres of artworks that involve electronic media. At the same time, it promotes scientific research that critically examines electronic arts, media technology, and their theory and history, and the changes in culture, everyday life, and politics in the face of technological transformation. The numerous projects arise in collaboration with festivals, museums, universities, and businesses throughout the world.

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