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Performance of a girl, that is holding an iPad in front of her face. The display shows a creature buid of pixels. Next to her, the word "sweet" is written in a speech bubble.
a hand is holding technics that builds a teslaspule
Kids are standing in the dark, gazing at an mobile, that is illuminated
In front of a paper-set on which a sun and clouds are glued on, we can see a lego-robot.
Someone is painting with a stylus, a special pen for displays, on an iPad.
Two girls climbing on paper ladders a paper palm tree
A Fieldrecorder, headphones, wooden sticks, papers and a plier are on turquoise background.
A child is standing in front of a screen, shaddows of two persons are cast on the wall. It looks as though the child is beeing held up by a giant.

Tours & Workshops

Art creates communication. Contemporary art in particular takes up topical themes and encourages viewers to experience new things. Against this background, the Department of Museum Communication offers workshops and tours for all age levels and interested parties. Below you will find an overview of our scheduled services.

The detailed offerings with tours, workshops and kindergarten and school services that can all be booked individually together with our current and past projects can be found on the Museum Communication website

Please request information about tours for people with disabilities. Are you interested in tours in other languages? Then please contact us!

You can reach us Monday and Tuesdays from 01 pm – 06 pm and from Wednesday to Friday 09 am – 01 pm using the telephone number, fax number or email addresses listed on the right.From January 2018 changed telephone times

Current guided tours and workshops

Museum Communication

Information and registration
guided tours

Tel: +49 (0) 721/8100-1990
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E-Mail: fuehrungen@zkm.de

Tel: +49 (0) 721/8100-1330
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E-Mail: workshops@zkm.de


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