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View through a shop window on collages on a wall

ONLINE SPECIAL: La Plage meets Hybrid Layers

View through a shop window on collages on a wall
View through a shop window on collages on a wall
© Photo: Aurélien Mole; Courtesy the artist and La Plage, Paris, Ilja Karilampi, »Truss Mi Daddy« installation view, 2015, La Plage, Paris

The exhibition »Hybrid Layers« features artistic and curatorial platforms, which in their methodology and conceptual approach reflect on new forms of cu­rating, thus embracing the hybrid notion of space emerging with the digital. As a project space invited to present an intervention within »Hybrid Layers«, »La Plage« will curate the online program, which runs from July 1, 2017 to January 7, 2018, parallel to »La Plage« participation in the exhibition.

Founded in 2015, »La Plage« is a project space based in Paris run by Valentina Cipullo and Francesca Mangion.

The second video presented by »La Plage« for »Hybrid Layers« is »From Settlement to Nomadism«, 2015-2016 by Enrico Boccioletti: 

Enrico Boccioletti

From Settlement to Nomadism is a first draft for a long term research scenario.

Focusing on strategies of escapism and autonomy by means of time stretching and deceleration practice, the work embraces the potential of daydream and the power of non-rational spillover of collective thought – both being incubation seeds for future revolutions, or temporary palliatives thereof.

Composed of text notes, graphics design solutions, sourced and shoot footage, still and moving image from personal archives, the video is a system of gestures that creates an almost random narrative, intertwined from a number of fragments belonging to different physical and mental environments.

About the artist:

  • Enrico Boccioletti, *1984, Pesaro, IT
  • lives and works in Milan, IT

From Settlement to Nomadism, 2015-2016
1-channel HD video, color, sound, 34 min.
Courtesy the artist and La Plage, Paris


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