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Blue sky with the right tip of the ZKM-building and left a small part of the cube

ZKM on tour

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe puts on countless touring exhibitions all over the world. For many years, they have been organized in close collaboration with the Goethe-Institute. Innovative exhibition formats have been developed within this cooperation, which allowed the ZKM to tour the world, showing people its digital productions: 

The exhibition series for the »AppArtAward« has been traveling the world since 2012, the »Global Games and Politics« game exhibition is currently on display in Mexico City. »GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP«, an exhibition which focuses on global surveillance in the digital era, is opening in Tallinn at the end of April and will then travel to eight other locations in Central Eastern Europe. 


Computer graphics of Flussers epistemology
Computer graphics of Flussers epistemology
Louis Bec, Institut Scientifique de Recherche Paranaturaliste, 1972–2015, detail from installation, © Louis Bec, Zoosystémicien and Vilém Flusser Archive, The Berlin University of the Arts

From the very beginning, »Without Firm Ground – Vilém Flusser and the Arts« was also set out to travel due to the migratory movements of Flusser. After sojourns in the ZKM, the Academy of the Arts in Berlin and the West Den Haag, the unique project will be exhibited in the Gallery AMU of Flusser’s native city, Prague, from April 2017.

The exhibition »Art in Europe 1945-1968« is being much admired in Moscow at the moment. It stands as an example for the international and (European) cooperations, which the ZKM has nurtured for many years: The ZKM has realized this exhibition, which suggests a new narrative for art history after the Second World War, with heavyweights from the international museum scene, the A. S. Pushkin Museum in Moscow and the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels.


The sphere of influence of the ZKM extends far beyond Karlsruhe and the region. The ZKM acts in a global way with its exhibitions. The Residency programs initiated by the ZKM reflect this global standard: The ZKM invites international artists and academics to work at the ZKM and to develop their own artistic productions here.

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