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Andreas Müller-Pohle

Year of birth, place
1951, Braunschweig, Germany
lives and works in
Berlin, Germany

Andreas Müller-Pohle is a media artist and editor of the journal European Photography. Flusser’s first German book publication, »Für eine Philosophie der Fotografie« (English version: »Towards a Philosophy of Photography«), was published in 1983 at the suggestion of Andreas Müller-Pohle, and is today part of the Edition Flusser series published by him.

[Last update: September 2015]

  • Cover der Publikation »Medien Kunst Netz 2 / Media Art Net 2«
    • Rudolf Frieling and Dieter Daniels (Eds.)
    • Medien Kunst Netz 2 / Media Art Net 2
    • Springer, Wien und New York, 2005
    • Anthology
    • Language: German and English
    • http://www.mediaartnet.org

      Current discourses of media art in an international context: a book to accompany the online platform »Media Art Net«. A network of curators and writers explore seminal...

  • Cover der Publikation »Internationaler Videokunstpreis 1996«
  • Cover der Publikation »Flusseriana«. Die Begriffe des Glossars sind auf dem weißen Cover als Tiefdruck sichtbar.
    • Siegfried Zielinkski, Peter Weibel and Daniel Irrgang (eds.)
    • Flusseriana
    • Univocal Publishing, Minneapolis, 2015
    • Anthology
    • Language: English, German, Portuguese
    • Freestyle thinking – that is Vilém Flusser’s intellectual modus operandi: challenging and offensive, paradoxical and audacious. His thought knows no disciplines or subjects, nor does it pay tribute to other academic frameworks or rituals. Above...

  • Cover der Broschüre »Bodenlos. Flusser und die Künste«: Portraitfoto von Viém Flusser
    • Without Firm Ground – Flusser and the Arts
    • ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, 2015
    • Exhibition brochure
    • Language: German and Englisch
    • With texts bearing programmatic titles, such as lnto the »Universe of Technical Images« and »Towards a Philosophy of Photography«, Vilém Flusser (1920-1991) became one of the most influential thinkers on communication and media in the latter...

  • Cover der Zeitschrift »Kunstforum«: Zwei Personen stehen vor einer Projektion, die Sonnenerruptionen zeigt.
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