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Eine Sotosammlung zu Barkers Vortrag zum Raindancer Archiv

Medialounge um sechs

George Barker, Archivist in Residence: »The Raindance Archive: Exposing the Collection«

Do, 06.07.2017 18:00, Dauer: 1h, ZKM_Medialounge
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The Raindance Archive: Exposing the Collection The Raindance Foundation were a prominent video collective and media think tank operating in New York during the early 1970s.

From 1970 - 1974, they produced a publication named Radical Software which attempted to expose the new communicative and artistic potentials of video tape recording technologies, potentials which could be realised only once these technologies were removed from capital and commercial interests and environments. This Medialounge session will be headed by George Barker, an archivist in residence at the ZKM and visiting lecturer at the HfG.

Barker will present archival research performed for the Radical Software exhibition at the ZKM (opening June 30th) by screening and contextualising works and texts from the collection that lay beyond the scope of that which is publically displayed. In the process, he will discuss multiple forgotten projects and the core trajectories of the Raindance Foundation as they are detailed in the pages of Radical Software.

Although many of these projects have been sparsely documented, Barker will ask what contemporary and future attempts could be valuable in order to restore and re-historicise video art works and histories which remain outside of an art historical canon.

(This lecture is held in English / Dieser Vortrag findet auf englischer Sprache statt.)



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