Group 4 | Film, Reality and Truth: What Does a Movie Show?

Tales from the Golden Age 2009

What can film make visible? What are the mechanisms of filmic perception? Do we have access to reality that is not based on images or narrations? And what kind of access to truth does film permit? Are we in Plato’s cave or does film help us to leave the cave?


Mert Akbal

»Dream as Visual Expression«


Michele Barker

»Movement, force and new cinemas of attraction«


Shai Biderman

»Known, Unknown, and In-between: Reality and Fiction in the Documentary of Errol Morris«


Christoph Büttner

»In the midst of reality this film arose. – Weimar Arbeiterfilm and its relations to Wirklichkeit«


Alice Dalgalarrondo

»Miscalculated Projections«


Carla Milani Damião

»On the relationship between reality, fiction and truth in Varda’s "Sans toit ni loi"«


Sophie Dascal

»Jean Epstein and the Philosophing Cinematograph«


Román Domínguez Jiménez

»Jauja and Meek’s Cutoff | The Pan‐American Ways of Rethinking Gilbert Simondon’s Role of Aesthetics in the Configuration of Humanity«



Amanda Egbe

»The ethics and intimacies of moving images«


Christian Ferencz-Flatz
»The Joint Reality of Video Chatting | A Phenomenological Perspective«


Philip Freytag

»The Derrida-Searle Debate and the Poetic Ontology of Film«



Javier Galán and Anna Biedermann

»What Spectacolor brought to us-US«


Evgenia Giannouri

»Welcome to Anatopia | The (ana)chronistic (topo)graphy of Marie Voignier’s "Hinterland" (2009)«


Stefanie Guserl

»The Tableau vivant as a cross-border phenomenon in media«


Ulrike Hanstein

»Taking Place | Filmmaking as Site-Specific Practice«


Sapir Hubermann
»5 Broken Cameras...«



Florian Leitner

»Images of Absolute Movement«


Dimitri Liebsch

»Once Upon a Time On Iwo Jima | Questions On Fiction, Document(ary) & Two Flags«


Sara Nalbandyan

»Truth or Verisimilitude? Usage of Archival Documents in Found Footage Films«


Sara Matetich

»Screens, Frames and Writings of Reality | from Jacques Derrida to Peter Greenaway«


Aténé Mendelyté

»Mapping Film-World Relations to Reality: A New Conceptual Cartography«


James Mooney

»The Thin Blue Line between fact and fiction | truth and objectivity in the work of Errol Morris«


Hudson Moura

»The Digital Opacity Experience of Reality


Chris Paret
»Civilized Crooks or Honest Barbarians? Ernst Lubitsch’s Idea of Europe and the Art of not showing things directly«


Friedrich von Petersdorff

»Reality on Film | Historical Source versus Substitute for Reality«


Vasil Penchev

»The cinematographic method of thought in Bergson«



Elke Reinhuber

»Wind Back the Film of Life | Counterfactuals in Movies«


Peter Remmers

»What is there to know about the real? | Epistemological problems of non-fictional film«


Ivo Ritzer

»The World of Cinema in the Cinemas of the World | Perspectives for a Postcolonial Philosophy of Film«


Catarina Rodrigues

»Tracking the world, withdrawing from the factual«


Claudio Rozzoni

»Is it not real? Belief, Values and Feelings "Before a Screen"«


Pablo Yuri Raiol Santana

»The real and reality | philosophical reflections on poli tics and image Patricio Guzman«

Alaina Schempp

»Minimalist Films Do Philosophy of Film: On Film Interpretation and Film-Philosophy«


Olga Szmidt

»The Audience as a Jury: Shaping Reality and Evocating the Truth in Documentary TV Serie«


Hanna Trindade

»The Cinematographic "Experience" | thinking cinema through the philosophy of E. Husserl«


Amita Valmiki

»Is Dialogical Communication Possible Between Documentaries and Feature Films? An Ontological Debate«



Alexander Zons
»Fritz Lang, the Enlightened False Consciousness, and The Acknowledgment of Silence«