Strömungen: Florian Grond

Symposium zur künstlerischen Sonifikation

Symposium zur künstlerischen Sonifikation
02.12.2016 bis 04.12.2016

»What does art add to sonification and sonification to the arts?«

Sonification can be approached as a practice, which is based on data. As such sonification is indifferent towards distinctions along popular categories such as art and science. The sonic arts however, have a lot to say about the sonic aspects of sonifications and scientific practices offer methods to deal with data, which in turn audibly influences the result. In my presentation, I will look at listening modes as a point of departure, which offers ways to shed light onto sonification as a practice that combines data handling and creative sonic decision making. I will illustrate my talk with examples of sonifications in multisensorial artistic as well as scientific contexts and I’ll argue that a listening mode based approach contributes to sonifications beyond the art science distinction.


ZKM | Institut für Bildmedien

Kamera: Peter Müller
Schnitt: Frenz Jordt
Liveschnitt: Moritz Büchner