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Symposium zur künstlerischen Sonifikation

Symposium zur künstlerischen Sonifikation
02.12.2016 bis 04.12.2016

»Sonification as interface for active listeners«

The listener is moved by sound, but what we hear is at the same time shaped by our strategies of paying attention. While music can seem to affect a passive audience, sonification highlights the active observer by affording to extend the listener’s care toward objects beyond the sound itself.

Active perception can be enabled by articulating external and internal self-motion. We can see this in context of the dual status of our body that is on the one hand at the effect of the external world and on the other the interface for our own involvement and participation.
Contributions of the active listener become especially relevant in the context of VR/AR environments.


ZKM | Institut für Bildmedien

Kamera: Peter Müller
Schnitt: Frenz Jordt
Liveschnitt: Moritz Büchner