The Media Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art familiarize the public with contemporary and historical art by way of encyclopedic exhibitions and events with a scientific character. The ZKM seeks to mediate to the public topical, socially relevant issues via challenging and ambitious theories and theme-oriented exhibitions. New approaches and artists are presented to the public at an early stage of their development, and marginalized art movements are rediscovered.

The ZKM exhibitions are sites for spatial and time-based arts. Accordingly, more than the individual genres of painting, installation, sculpture, and the moving image, theater, dance, and music are presented. The counter-movements of spatial and time-based arts– namely, the transformation of exhibitions into performances and performances into exhibitions, which represents a prominent trend in contemporary art, occupy a central position in the house’s program.

  • Media Museum

    The Media Museum is the one and only museum for interactive, participative media art worldwide.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art

    The Museum of Contemporary Art [Museum für Neue Kunst, in short "MNK"] understands itself as a museum of all genre and media.