Contribution Rules

The ZKM_Media Theater full of people who look at a canvas which shows amorphous structures in white

from January 1, 1998

I. Easy Membership

  • 40 € per year
  • reduced admission for two adults
  • invitations to exhibition openings
  • ​special guided tours

II. Sponsoring Membership

  • 80 € per year
  • Free admissions to ZKM exhibitions for two adults and two children
  • free usage of the ZKM_VIP Lounge
  • special guided tours

Additional Card to II

  • 50 € per year
  • 20% reduction at ZKM events at the ZKM_Media Theater, ZKM_Lecture Hall, ZKM_Cube, on publications of ZKM
  • invitations to exclusive events

III. Company Membership

  • at least 400 € per year
  • five transferable company cards
  • mention of the company in the lounge
  • special events only for company members

Supplement to the Contribution Rules

Since the association supports not only scientific but also artistic projects and students through scholarships, membership fees are not easily tax-deductible. In accordance with the regulations for other, comparable institutions, it is therefore proposed, in accordance with the resolution of the last General Assembly, to distinguish between simple membership with an annual membership fee of 40 € and sponsoring membership, which will provide the association with an appropriate voluntary donation in addition to the membership fee in order to promote the ZKM and the HfG.

The following supplement therefore applies:

1. Each member (natural or legal person) pays an annual membership fee (calendar year) of 40 €, which is due at the beginning of a year.

2. Supporting members are such natural or legal persons who, in addition to their membership fee, make an appropriate annual donation to the association in the calendar year:

  • bei natürlichen Personen mindestens 40 €
  • bei juristischen Personen mindestens 400 €

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