The stereophonic sound control was developed at the ZKM | IMA and serves, among other things, to control the Sound Dome

With the Zirkonium MK3 (download here) a completely new version has been available since 2015. It is is a set of Mac OSX software tools to aid the composition of spatial music. The software allows composers to design multiple spatial trajectories with an intuitive GUI and arrange them in time. According to the provided trajectory information, the actual audio signals can then be rendered in real-time for 2-D or 3-D loudspeaker systems. 

Screenshot of a computer program

For developing the latest version of Zirkonium, the developers focused on improving the aspects of usability, visualization, and compatibility. Consequently, the software structure and the GUI were drastically redesigned, and a number of functionalities, such as parametric trajectory creation, automatic interpolation, event-filtering, are newly implemented. Furthermore, the reuse of spatial trajectories in other spatial audio software is enabled by the integration of SpatDIF library and ZirkPad, a live remote controller iPad-App for Zirkonium v3.1 is available in the app store.

Main Features in Zirkonium MK3

Version 3.1

  • ZirkPad, the remote controller iPad app for Zirkonium Trajectory Editor
  • Auto event creation
  • New Group Modes
  • In-App Hardware selection
  • Loop playback
  • Improved GUI
  • Enhanced OSC functions
  • Compatibility with ZirkOSC
  • MK1 file import

Version 3.0

  • Graphical manipulation of sound trajectories with Bézier curves
  • Parameter-based trajectory creation
  • DAW-like event handling
  • Powerful visualization of spatialized sound
  • Variety of rendering algorithms
  • HRTF simulation
  • Customization of the core spatial rendering algorithmSpatDIF compatibility