The ZKM | Video Studio is a competence and service provision center for video production within the ZKM | Karlsruhe. The video studio makes a substantial contribution to making the various activities and themes of the institution visible online. 

Almost the whole supporting program of the exhibitions, such as symposia, readings, concerts and performances, is recorded. We also offer numerous events as live streaming. You can find all the recordings – where copyrights permit it – in the Audio and Video archive here on the website. The comprehensive archive created in this way is supplemented by short portraits of exhibitions, works portraits, artist and curator interviews and tours through the exhibitions. 

In addition, the video studio produces documentations that are incorporated in the ZKM exhibitions. The video studio also supports artistic productions of the institutes in various ways. Particularly worth mentioning in this context is the production »Maptory«, an augmented reality application for which the video studio took over the shooting and post-production of the individual scenes.

A cameraman looks into the display of a camera.
The Video Studio at work

In cooperation with the Communication and Marketing Department, the video studio produces teasers and trailers for the announcement of exhibitions and events. These are shown in the social networks or even in the cinema. Furthermore, the video studio designs the video clips for the information and advertising surfaces within the building.

The video studio has existed since the start of the ZKM, but its tasks have changed and expanded over time. The rapid technological development towards tapeless recording and the simple spreading of video via online platforms have restructured work in the video studio time after time, from year to year to meet newly arising needs. This exciting dynamic process is still at work.

Video and Audio

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Video Studio

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