Events Department

The Events department takes on the logistical and organizational planning and hosting of all events in the ZKM rooms.

A large variety of different events are held at ZKM besides exhibition openings and symposiums directly related to exhibition content. These include film screenings, readings, concerts, performances, discussions and annual major events like the Karlsruhe Museum Night (KAMUNA) or the OPEN HOUSE DAY. The Events department organizes crowd pullers like the ARD HÖRSPIELTAGE or the international TANZ KARLSRUHE festival together with external partners in a series of collaborations.

The ZKM is particularly popular as an event venue for companies and institutions too. Renowned firms from BMW to SAP, from CAS to Daimler, hire rooms and spaces at ZKM for lectures, innovation days or gala dinners, often linked to special ZKM exhibition openings. Baden-Württemberg government’s New Year’s reception was also held at ZKM, as were the celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the Federal Constitutional Court or the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Environment’s Resource Efficiency and Recycling Economic Congress.

The Events department takes on communication with external partners from planning to calculation and contract design as well as hosting and invoicing.

The Events department manages between 150 and 200 events per year in total. Roughly 60,000 people on average attend events at ZKM as a result.

Rental Inquiries & Events

Contact: Viola Gaiser
Tel: +49 (0) 721/8100-1211
Fax: +49 (0) 721/8100-1139