Software Development

One component of the work at the Hertz-Lab is the development of suitable software as tools for artistic-scientific research.

In cooperation with artists and scientists, application-oriented software solutions are developed, for example, for the realization of specific artistic works. In addition, universal programs are developed that can be used in many ways or even control specially developed immersive spaces such as the Sound Dome or the Panorama Lab.

A large part of the existing software has already been written at it’s predecessor institutes, the Institute for Visual Media and the Institute for Music and Acoustics, and is now being further developed at the Hertz-Lab. An overview of independent software programs is listed on this page. Another focus is on the programming of mobile applications.


Spatial Sound Control Software Zirkonium und ZirkPad

The Zirkonium spatial sound control software was developed in the Hertz-Lab and is used, among other things, to control the sound dome.

Since 2019 a new version Zirkonium 3.4 is available for free download. It is a package of free macOS software tools for composing spatial music. The software allows composers to create spatial movement of sounds using an intuitive graphical interface. This movement can then be played in real time via 2D or 3D loudspeaker systems.

The iPad app ZirkPad is also available for free download and enables remote control of Zirkonium.


The software at a glance