Museum and Exhibition Technical Services

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Information technology, restoration, object documentation, audio-visual media technology, art handling, electrical engineering, lighting technology, depot management, transport logistics, loans and technical project management for exhibition productions are the topics of museum technology. 

This is where many of the ZKM's closely timed exhibition operations come together. Media works of art are restored, pictures and objects are restored and exhibitions are planned and realized in terms of media and space. Installations of the collection and media works of art produced in the museum are transported to museums all over the world, where they are assembled by ZKM technicians.

In close cooperation with artists and curators, a dozen exhibitions are organized each year by the museum and exhibition technology team. With empathy and professional know-how, a quality is achieved that in 2016 prompted French philosopher and curator Bruno Latour to say that the ZKM technical team is the best in the world.

Museum and Exhibition Technical Services

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Restoration of Electronic and Digital Art

The Knowledge and Museum and Exhibition Technology departments work together to preserve the electronic and digital works of art in the collection.