Museum Communication

For the last 20 years ZKM | Museum Communication has stood for innovative art, culture and media education.

Since the very beginning, the decision was taken to avoid the classic term, Museum Education. A newly coined word was chosen instead. Museum Communication is art education in process.

Our formats allow us to produce communicative situations between our visitors, the art, the curators and other colleagues involved in the exhibitions. Museum Communication is interdisciplinarycross-medial and participatory. It takes place in five different studios but also especially in the middle of the exhibition space.

It is obvious that the critical examination of digital media and the promotion of media competence are the focus in a center of art and media. We watch the rapid change in our real and digital society very closely and try to identify what quickly disappears again after the initial hype and what offers a sustainable breeding ground that shows us new and exciting methods of art education.

»Digital Media« has become an essential tool in our society, with it being just as important to learn how to handle it as to use it meaningfully.

In the spirit of the expanded media term of the ZKM, we have used digital and analogue media as equally as possible in our education projects for many years now. In our view, it is just as important to learn how to use a paintbrush correctly as a tablet.

The question is no longer WHETHER digital media should be used, but HOW, WHEN and WHY.

ZKM | Museum Communication shows that the digital world should always be applied in connection with the analogue world. Digitalization should be seen as a complement rather than as a replacement!

Education and mediation

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