Media Lounge

View of the ZKM Media Lounge: tables, chairs and readers

The Media Lounge offers ideal conditions for reading, learning together, discussing, and discovering the ZKM's video and audio collection.

The Media Lounge is a so-called »third place«, i.e., a place that is not the home or workplace, but a public space in which one can stay and exchange ideas without any professional obligations or the pressure of consumption.

A selection of works from the ZKM Video and Audio Collection can be viewed or listened to at a viewing place. The Video Collection comprises over 1,500 videos. The Audio Collection holds more than 9,000 audio titles, including the IDEAMA titles. In addition to the works directly accessible in the Media Lounge, further works from the collection and the archives can be made available on request.

The Video Collection can be researched online here. Information on the works of the Audio Collection will also be accessible shortly.

You can access the Media Lounge through the Foyer.


Discover the Video Collection of the ZKM with over 1,500 videos!

Have a look into the International Digital ElectroAcoustic Music Archive!

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