Peter Weibel

Dach der Welt V


Werk - Dach der Welt V
Artist / Artist group
Peter Weibel
Dach der Welt V
installation, video, Video sculpture
Material / Technique
Table consisting of a glass pane with two cutouts and approx. 300 telephone books; two china plates with cutout, two long spoons, two table sets with cutout, two computers (Tablet PC), operating system (Windows XP), custom software
Dimensions / Duration
75 x 140 x 280 cm
ZKM | Center for Art and Media

The installation consists of telephone books stacked on top of each other as the base of a glass table with place mats on which there are two porcelain plates. Holes are cut out of the two plates, in which real time Meteosat satellite images of the Earth are visible on two monitors. With the oversized metal spoons on the table, the globe is practically being served for consumption. With Dach der Welt V [Roof of the World V] from 1990, Peter Weibel was an early commentator on the critical situation of planet Earth and the threat to its existence due to the excessive consumption of its resources by our way of life. The telephone books symbolize global networking (before the Internet) and, together with the satellite images, form the envelope of the Infosphere, with the help of which the Earth is being eaten more quickly.

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