Ingrid Wiener

...schlafe schlecht... Krefeld 24.01.00


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Werk - ...schlafe schlecht... Krefeld 24.01.00
Artist / Artist group
Ingrid Wiener
...schlafe schlecht... Krefeld 24.01.00
painting, drawing
Material / Technique
water color and pencil on water color paper
Dimensions / Duration
23,5 x 31,5 cm
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

Ingrid Wiener has been working with imaginary images within dreams since 1995. She tries to depict the dream experience immediately after waking with a sketch. "But since many things only appear in a feeling or vague 'knowledge', hardly anything remains of what is actually pictorial. It's like trying to look closely in a dream - the thing melts away or you wake up." (Ingrid Wiener).

"I sleep badly. From a toothpick container my sleep swells like a green-gray cloud that turns into a ribbon with a pattern that winds and tortures itself with difficulty until it almost becomes a square and now it calms down. / The background is rather light this time. / Rest: I threw away this toothpick container a few days ago after some hesitation. / Krefeld 24.1.00. J. W."

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