“Art on your Screen” – be part of it!


Tablet on which the logo of ArtOnYourScreen can be seen
Old computer screen with colorful squares. At the bottom the logo of 'ArtOnYourScreen'.
© ZKM | Karlsruhe

Have you already heard about ArtOnYourScreen (AOYS), the new ZKM online exhibition platform? Absolutely location independent, all you require for diving into the ZKM digital net art offshoot at aoys.zkm.de is a computer or a mobile end device, and access to the Internet. Works of art are presented in monthly cycles, the majority of which are created especially for the ZKM, which you can view and interact with on your screen – from wherever in the world you happen to be located. Inspired by the painting of 1980s »Neo Geo«, Rafaël Rozendaal, for example, has us fly over a colorful, seemingly endless metropolis.

A digital display window

ArtOnYourScreen is a digital display window for works of art which can be brought to life by a code – such as HTML, Javascript & Co. The project is an answer to two fundamental changes of the 20th century:

  1. the dissolution of the separation between the genres of painting, sculpture, literature, performance, music, dance and theater
  2. and the transformation of public space by the Internet, a technology and affiliated economy which not only facilitates the worldwide presentation of time-based art, but also the direct feedback processes between work of art and viewer.

The AOYS design is inter-generational and cross-genre: The spectrum ranges from pure screen works, performative projects, generative, typography-oriented literature, film and participative tools through to activist approaches. In addition to young software artists, established artists who have hitherto worked offline are also presented. The works were selected by net art expert Dr. Matthias Kampmann, curator of AOYS.

Be part of it!

AOYS appeals to anyone interested in digital art, and who would like to actively participate in it. In order to explore the interactive potential, the various artistic approaches are accompanied by an innovative communications program, which is also online: under the slogan »be part of it!« it calls for participation and creative interaction with the work of art. How does this work? Visit our AOYS-communications platform at aoys.zkm.de. Here, by navigating through a multimedia knowledge cloud you can acquire interesting background information on a given artist and his work. Have you ever wished to recreate the artist’s aesthetics in an interactive game, or have an influence on work in the community? Your own communications strategy for each work facilitates versatile creative contributions!

By the way: In addition to the current works, all earlier works can be viewed via the archive!

Text: Carolin Clausnitzer