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Exhibition view "Light Art from Artificial Light"

The ZKM-Archive collects documents from past exhibitions, events and projects at the ZKM since 1989.

The founding of the ZKM was a commitment to an understanding of art that sees the task of artists as dealing with the immediate present and the future and provoking reflection and discussion - on an individual and social level - through their work. This was connected with the assumption that this was made possible to a special degree by artistic practices that not only address the themes of the present, but also their formative technologies, i.e. the latest design, production and distribution possibilities. The ZKM pursued the promotion of this understanding of art through exhibitions, events, artistic productions, the development of its collection and the maintenance of its archives.

The ZKM archive offers insights into the almost 30-year history of the house with the aim of making events - over their actual duration - tangible.

The overview display of the archives is currently still under construction. For further information and appointments please write to collections-and-archives@zkm.de.


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All exhibitions since 1989 at a glance.


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All information about the events since 1989.

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