Constant Dullaart


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Constant Dullaart
#PatternRecognition #Software
Medium / Material / Technic
neural network application

At the exhibition from October 20, 2017 to August 5, 2018

In his work »DullDream« by DullTech™, Constant Dullaart reverses the traditional function expected of convolutional neural networks (CNN). CNNs are artificial neural networks that enable machine learning and pattern recognition through artificial intelligence. Facebook, Apple, and Google use them to analyze what is in an image. CNNs are often used for facial and speech recognition and they can also determine objects in images based on their shape, texture, gradients, colors, etc. To verify the functionality of a network’s recognition capacity, the network can be requested to amplify the values that help it understand its categorization classes. Pattern recognition amplified, becomes pattern hallucination; the algorithm can make a tomato look even more like a tomato, a human more human. Constant Dullart’s software does the opposite: while (for example) Google »DeepDream« highlights and intensifies patterns, »DullDream« reduces the specific characteristics of forms. »Deep dream« becomes a »DullDream«. The program enables users to upload images of themselves and have them returned devoid of individual characteristics – an impressive statement against increasing regulation through pattern recognition.


Courtesy of DullTechTM