Birthdays at the ZKM

There are two hands of a kid, that are working on a paper collage. With an iPad, it turns into a stop motion film.

Celebrating birthdays at the ZKM means immersing oneself in virtual worlds, programming robots, transforming your own voice, cartoons, composing music or producing crazy photographs.


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We offer workshops on the following subjects:

Light Graffiti Flash

from 5 years up, 2 hours
Draw using light! Is it even possible? Of course! In our workshop, equipped with torches, we draw pictures in the dark and then take photos of them. You will be amazed at the crazy and mysterious pictures that result. This workshop is also great for company or family parties.


Using a flash light and a camera with longterm exposure, a light graffiti has been created. In abstract forms there are whirling yellow, white and blue stripes across the black background.

Photographic Safari

from 5 years up, 2 hours
After visiting the hall building and a ZKM exhibition, the birthday party participates in a search game with small cameras. The search for works of art, colors, letters and much more, ends with a snapshot session with the camera. The »safari trophies« can be taken back home on an USB stick.

Light Machines and Soap Bubbles

from 5 years up, 2 hours
After focusing on the phenomena of light and shade, we then design our own silhouettes on paper.

Cartoon Fun

from 8 years up, 3 hours
Making a good cartoon isn't so easy! In this workshop it's all about cartoons, and we make our own little film in which any number of impossible things become possible: objects, figures and shapes move and come to life as if by magic, or you yourself appear and then suddenly disappear again like a wizard. There are no limits to your creativity!

Beam On Me

from 8 years up, 3 hours
We start by looking at the different works of art in the ZKM exhibitions and talk about how the artists create their »visual worlds«. We then develop our own digital drawings which we can project with an overhead projector and talk about own personal stories in the form of a video. With our white astronaut suits we become part of the projection screen ourselves.

Kids are looking at a picture on the computer in front of them, which is projected on the wall and the clothes of the kids, that are sitting in front of the wall. On the picture there is a big sausage.

Elves @BÄM

from 10 years up, 3 hours
The elves are a unique species whose origins continue to be unclear. The only thing we know about them is that their body consists of cork and that they have luminous limbs. There is a rumor that the elves are a very extroverted species whose dress sense isn't oriented to everyday standards. Colorful, sparkling, feathered, with weapons or a jet pack – but always extraordinary and brightly colored. Design and make your own elf! With the corks, batteries, LEDs, the appropriate fashion paraphernalia and tools you can have plenty of fun and expand the elf universe!

Best of BÄM

from 10 years up, 2/3 hours
Elves, Krokokos, Brush- or Vibrobots, the Bämlämp, Led-Throwies, soldering sculptures and lots more... It may shine, vibrate, move and make a weird sound or simply look beautiful! At »Best of BÄM« you and your friends can tinker around and have fun with a variety of materials. For more information and additional costs, please contact us.

two fantasy figures

Happy Coding

from 9 years up, 3 hours
With the microcontroller »Calliope mini« we program incredibly cool projects. We create funny animations with LEDs and compose music. All that works with the »Calliope mini« and will be a lot of fun for you and your friends.

Fashionista – Design your Own Fashion!

from 9 years up, 3 hours
Like a fashion designer, we design our own clothes, but also other, very normal materials such as plastic, dressing materials or paper. This is followed by a photo-shoot of our creations!

scavenger hunt_digital

from 11 years up, 3 hours
What would a birthday be like without a scavenger hunt? – Our scavenger hunt is digital! The »Actionbound« app enables the creation of interactive adventure trails for smartphones or tablets in which it is possible to install a variety of different media elements (QR codes, photos, videos, maps and more). The resulting routes are, of course, tested and played! Become an explorer, and start your personal mobile adventure at the ZKM!

Constructing Robots for Professionals

from 12 years up, 3 hours
In this workshop we make creative use of the Lego Mindstorms EV3  Robot and try out everything that can really be done in addition to the basic applications.

A child is constructing a lego-robot, in this moment it attaches a cable on the front.

Birthday Table at mint – bistro.café

The mint at the ZKM_Foyer invites you to continue celebrating your birthday after a guided tour or a workshop.

During the opening hours of the museum, a beautifully decorated Birthday Table for the birthday kid and its guests can be booked with the following offers:

  • Sweet 1 Muffin + 1 Softdrink: 5,50 € per child
  • Salty 1 Pasta Course + 1 Softdrink: 8 €per child
  • Sweet & Salty 1 Pasta Course + 1 Muffin + 1 Softdrink: 10 € per child
  • Birthday Cake 30 €

Birthday table reservation:
Tel.: +49 (0) 721/1745-1455

Information and registration for the birthday workshops:

Tel: +49 (0) 721/8100-1330

You can reach us Mondays and Tuesdays from 1 pm – 6 pm and from Wednesday to Friday from 9 am – 1 pm.