Offers for Children and Families

The Museum Communication offers a diverse program for children and families on weekends, during the holidays or for select afternoons.

From birthday tours or workshops on Family Sundays or see-journeys for children from eight till twelve years, through to the popular workshop offers: there is always something to discover at the ZKM!

Two kids in disguise are standing next to each other and are wearing white roboter masks. Between them is a holographic image digitally added and the boys are looking at it.

Family Offers

Spend a Sunday together with your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces at the ZKM. The Family Sunday at the Museum Communications invites families to an unforgettable artist’s experience.

Visit one of the current exhibitions so as to introduce what you have seen into a collective artistic work.
Registration is required. The number of places for participants are limited. Current Family Sundays can be found via our Program Calendar.


There are numerous educational programs which advance the practical handling of digital and analog materials in a playful manner.
At a one-to-three day workshop children and youth can learn the programming of a small computer game or set a Lego robot in movement and action. In our sound workshop one can play with the voice or create one’s own short pieces of music, without having to play a classical instrument or being able to read music. Camera or tablet tricks on the ground, on the wall, or in the air are a pleasure for all age groups and, of course, to shoot your own films with script and storyboard.
The continually changing current workshop program can be found in our Program Calendar.

Do you have any questions? If so, then please contact us – we will be happy to advise you!

Museum Communication

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