Offers for Youth and Adults

A young woman is fotografing a man. He is posing for the picture and is feigning to crash into the wall while pushing a dolly.

In contemporary society, media educational competence is an important pillar for safe use in real and virtual everyday life.

New digital products and the rapid further development of digital society demands the watchful, interested but also critical attention of all individuals.

For youth and adults we offer both age-specific as well as intergenerational courses. Assembled in small groups, in the Museum Communications workshops participants are offered advanced courses adapted to their current levels of knowledge, that extend way beyond purely user training.
Whether as sound workshop, image processing, robotics or video tricks, reference to the works of the ZKM exhibitions invariably plays a role. One’s own creative and artistic works flow into the workshops and is recognizable in the results.
In the Program Calendar you can find information on up-and-coming workshops. Here you can also register directly for the single events.