BÄM – Maker Space

The creative space of the Museum Communication

BÄM is a maker space, an »open workshop«, a place where you are creative together, create something... digital and or analog – the perfect combination of art, science and technology.

BÄM is a participatory workshop in the midst of the ZKM exhibitions. A space for you, for digital and analog »making«, creative thinking, acting, developing and trying out!
BÄM is a place that breaks new ground in mediation and promotes media competence: BÄM – Be A Maker – Brain Action Media – Bildung Ändert Meinung [Education Changes Opinion] – Be A Mediaartist... Be part of #zkmBÄM!
With the increasing fusion of art and science as well as the movement of society towards a maker culture, BÄM wants to convey these contents in a sustainable and exciting dialogue with our visitors.

Current dates of our workshops for children, teenagers and adults can be found here in our calendar.


On Friday afternoons, the BÄMlab offers a variety of creative activities for interested people of all ages. Just drop by the BÄMlab!


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