Daniel Temkin


A desk with monitor and two chairs
Daniel Temkin
#Encoding #GenealogyOfCode
#Decoding #Software #Interface #Binary
Medium / Material / Technic
video with two interactive touchpads

At the exhibition from September 1, 2018 to June 2, 2019

Daniel Temkin’s work »esoteric.codes« is a unique archive of esoteric codes, a collection of creative manifestations of code.

Conventionally codes, programming languages, and software are seen as language dictionaries helping people to encode logical processes into sequences of operations to be executed by machines. Depending on the desired outcome, we choose a set of tools. A multitude of programming languages have been developed over time.

Yet if coding is approached from an artistic angle – seen as more than a fixed tool set – there is no limit to the creative expressions that programming languages can take. These very visual coding styles abstract logical constructs and disrupt common understandings and sensibilities of coding. They all implement a unique methodology and push the boundaries of what is possible.

»esoteric.codes« invites visitors to explore the world of codes in all its creativity and whimsy, its playfulness, and potential for disruption. The video gives an insight into this collection of codes, while visitors can explore the many facets of the archive on the tablets.