2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal: no turistik no egzotik / east - west - trash – clash: Köhler und kri play Grand Prix
Sun, May 16, 2004 7 pm CEST, Concert
2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal : »no turistik, no egzotik«
As live-performance artist, Köksal mixes raw electronica with an Istanbul street noise backdrop and ghetto-blaster distorted oriental pop: Turkish foreign and self depictions in the breakbeat shredder! And the screen flickers, too: analogous to the sound, in addition to his work on samples and electronics, Köksal also deconstructs Turkish films from the 1970s: cut-up art for eyes and ears.

»east - west - trash – clash« : Köhler und kri play Grand Prix
A day after the worldwide broadcast of the Grand Prix d'Eurovision de la Chanson from the Turkish metropolis, came »east - west - trash ? clash«: sound engineer kri and producer Andreas Köhler [F Communications] loot the archives, overstep all genres and borders of taste and tear to shreds the high and low culture of European pop hits from Scandinavia to the Bosporus.
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