Enseigner/Produire (Opening)
Teaching, Communication and Production in the Age of Consumer Generated Content
Thu, January 19, 2006 , Opening
In the world of the Media, changes involving the relationship between the user, receiver and consumer on the one hand and the producer, provider and distributor on the other can be seen to have taken place. In the research paper, “International Megatrends in Commerce and Sale 2005” it states clearly: “The times in which the onlooker/viewer/audience is overfed with content are over. By using the newest technologies and technological possibilities the onlooker transforms himself from now on into his own content producer. Consumer Generated Content (CGC) changes the Media landscape and the consumption of media for millions of people.”

By using the headings “Participation” and “Interaction”, the art world has anticipated and prepared this change since the 1960’s. Even learning environments have long been influenced by these changes; universities, museums and mass media expanded themselves around new personalities, who in turn have expanded their roles. For this reason ZKM has taken part in the EU project “Enseigner/Produire” (Partner: Centre Pompidou/Le Fresnoy) under the title (also signalling the beginning of a new epoch): “Consumer Generated Content”. The exhibition displays previous projects and programs that, over the years, were realised at ZKM, like: “Loogie.net” (Marc Lee), “The Private World of the Apparatus” (The Vasulkas, Peter Weibel), “Eye VisionBot” (HansH.Diebner, Sebastian Fischer and Lasse Scherffig), “Remote Control” (Shane Cooper), “//**Code_Up” (Giselle Beiguelman), as well as an interactive video selection facility for visitors wishing to view restored videos, - some being decades old (ZKM Laboratory for Antique Video Systems). This project demonstrates the new user centred forms of teaching and learning, producing and communicating over near and long distances.

Art Universities and Media Production

During the opening (19.01) the Media Theatre will show documentation that french curator, Christophe Kihm prepared, on different Universities, ie: KHM (Cologne), Fabrica (Catena di Villorba, Italy), MECAD (Barcelona), CAFA-Central Academy of Fine Arts (Peking), and many more.

The open discussion,“Media Production”, with Alain Fleischer (Le Fresnoy), Andrea Molino (Fabrica), Peter Weibel (ZKM) and the public, is planned for afterwards. The clear trend for consumer oriented media and the question of artistic media education will be the main topics for discussion.
Organization / Institution
Centre Pompidou ; Le Fresnoy