Bernd Cailloux: Das Geschäftsjahr 1968/69
Thu, April 20, 2006 9 pm CEST, Reading

In his novel »Das Geschäftsjahr 1968/69«, (2005) Bernd Cailloux tells the story of three friends and the »leisure society« they founded in a summerhouse in Düsseldorf. After developing the stroboscope, they advance rapidly. The success of the initially counter-culture business soon divides the group.
Power and greed, drugs and financial disaster destroy their shared ideals.
Cailloux thereby sheds light on a piece of contemporary history with his reading in rooms of the exhibition »Light Art from Artificial Light.« The novel’s protagonists are part of the »psychedelic revolution,« which also influenced artists in the 1960s to experiment with light technologies.

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