Flying Circus (4/4)
Festival »Flying Circus«
Sun, January 28, 2007 – Mon, February 05, 2007


Sat–Sun, January 27–28, 2007

10 am–6 pm, ZKM_Foyer; admission free
Thoughts go by air
Interactive flying sound objects of the artist group "machine cent’red humanz"

Sun. 28 January, 3 -6 pm, ZKM_Media Theater; admission free
Hear and Now. Audiovisual installation by Florian Grond
on display after the festival until 02.05.

3-6 pm, ZKM_Lecture Hall; admission free
Let’s make Small Fish

8 pm, ZKM_Cube; admission: € 8/5
Little Giants. Traditional Chinese music and new works by Pei-Yu Shi.

Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra; conductor: Chih-Sheng Chen
Organization / Institution