More Love for the Discount Department Store!
Sat, June 14, 2008 2 pm CEST, Workshop
With the workshop “More love for the discount department store!” Stephanie Senge offers her own Ikebana course during the exhibition time. She accompanies participants to a discount department store, advises them in their purchases, and shows them how to make an Ikebana sculpture with just three items.
Senge uses the ritual of Ikebana decorating as a strategy for appreciation. Ikebana is the way of the heart (according to a book by Gusty Herrigel, “Der Blumenweg”, 1957), from the self to the object and back again. When we love, we also appreciate and so we must also ask by whom, where, and how might these discount goods be produced? The objects arranged by the participants will be on view as of June 14 in the exhibition “The Strong Consumer.”
Pre-registration for the class is requested as there will be a limited number of participants.

Stephanie Senge born in Munich in 1972. The Munich artist studied sculpture at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich under Prof. Olaf Metzel. She received numerous stipends, among them, the DAAD Stipend for Japan, and the Förderpreis der Stadt München and in 2007 she founded, together with Bazon Brock and Wolfgang Ullrich, the “Ascetes of Luxury – Covenant of the Golden Chopsticks”. Senge thematizes the value of objects and consumer goods in everyday social and socio-political contexts in her installations, videos, and photographic works, and in her actions with participants, both chosen and anonymous. Through her artistic analysis, Senge aims to maintain a critical attitude to consumption and consumer goods.
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