60 Years of Musique Concrète [Pierre Schaeffer]
Loud Speaker Concert
Sun, October 05, 2008 8 pm CEST, Concert

On the 5th October, 1948, at 9 pm the first "Concerts de bruits" (noise concert) was broadcast on French radio, as part of a program founded by Pierre Schaeffer called "Club d’Essai". Here, compositions were produced from real occurring noises and those sounds recorded by the cassette recorder: Musique Concrète, so called by the engineer and composer Pierre Schaeffer, was born. In connection with other studios for electronic music and on the initiative of the Amici della musica (in Gagliari, Italy), the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, will be presenting works by Pierre Schaeffer and later important composers of Musique Concrète, among others, by Luc Ferrari, François Bayle, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Olivier Messiaen.

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