Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis
Wed, December 01, 2010 – Mon, February 28, 2011
The archive exhibition is a dedication to almost two decades of the work of »Het Apollohuis«, based in Eindhoven/Netherlands. It was here that artists were presented in numerous exhibitions and installations, performances and concerts, and where art-theoretical debates were carried out in the years between 1980 and 1997. The house was to become an important center of the avant-garde in art and music under the directorship of its founders Paul and Hélène Panhuysen.

The Het Apollohuis Archive, comprising numerous sound, text and image documents, has been developed, documented and preserved at the ZKM since 2009. In the summer of 2011, with »Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis« the first CD of the new series Edition ZKM milestones was released by WERGO. Previously unreleased extracts of recordings of concerts and performances by important artists from the entire period of «Het Apollohuis'« existence are now available.
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