Edmund Kuppel. Projections 1970–2010
Sprawling Visual Fields
Fri, March 18, 2011 7 pm CET, Opening
Edmund Kuppel is among the most important pioneers of media art in Germany, whose critique of the media world serves as a model for a reflective medial perception. Today, the question as to the reality and credibility in the images of the new media is more relevant than ever. Which picture is true; what is untrue about and in the picture? Media artist, Edmund Kuppel, poses a further question: what is there about our perception which is true?
The exhibition, PROJECTIONS 1970–2010. Sprawling Visual Fields (March 19–May 15, 2011), at the ZKM | Media Museum shows a selection of Edmund Kuppel’s most important works of the foregoing forty years. His perspective, which understands the media not as picture or illustration machines, but as space/time machines, gives his work contemporary relevance. The works clearly illustrate not only the way in which our perception functions, but also how the media systems construct our reality.
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