next_generation 5.0 - Installations
Wed, June 26, 2013 – Sat, June 29, 2013

next_generation 5.0 − the largest, biennial meeting of the university studios for electronic music – enters the next stage: The festival at ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics offers emerging composers in the field of electronic music a platform in which to present their new compositions.
For five days and nights, ZKM | IMA offers a lively and concentrated program that informs about the latest positions on the topics of "fixed media", "spatial music" and "live electronics": new electro-acoustic works for the Sound Dome at the ZKM_Cube as well as live electronic compositions and numerous audiovisual installations will be seen and heard. Also the Akusmonium, the legendary loudspeaker orchestra by the Groupe de Recherches Musicals (GRM) of Paris is again ZKM’s guest performer. At the same time, students can enter a dialogue with those of similar interests and discuss their technological and artistic research in a symposium, in keynote addresses, presentations, and discussions.

Up to 27 higher learning institutions, and 150 students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands are expected to attend. ZKM | IMA is particularly pleased that the Team from GRM will present, both at the opening and closing of the festival, its new works created at her institute in Paris, as well as classics of electro-acoustic music.


Peter Breitenbach (MH Trossingen): Synapsis
Henri de Saussure (HKB Bern): 13dCCTV (2013)
Daniel Dominguez (ZM4 Hamburg): Fünf kurze Videostudien (2013)
Daniel Dominguez (ZM4 Hamburg): Study_V (2013)
From Fri, June 28, 4 p.m.: Opening Performance)
Anouk Fürst (HKB Bern): open ears shut eyes (2013)
Maurice Könz (HKB Bern): Machafuko/Fomu (2012)
Daniel Kurth (HKB Bern): Souvenir der Eitelkeit (2012)
Martin Rumori (IEM Graz): inout

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