AppArtAward 2014 – Highlights
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Wed, July 16, 2014 – Mon, April 06, 2015, Reception

To promote creative developments beyond economic structures and make the previously unthinkable thinkable − that is the goal of the AppArtAward, which was awarded on July 11, 2014 by the ZKM | Karlsruhe and its partners.

At the accompanying exhibition, visitors may view and test the winner Apps themselves, as well as a selection of the best submissions of the AppArtAward 2014.

The Winners

Price for Artistic Innovation: Last Clock

(2011, Applikation für iOS)
by Jussi Ängeslevä, Ross Cooper, Danqing Shi
Last Clock is a personal piece of media art that indicates factual time, human time and remote time. Just like any analog clock, Last Clock has three hands: one for seconds one for minutes and one for hours. As the hands move, a slice of life video is imprinted tot he clock face. With different refresh rates fort he three hands, the three time circles reflect the rhythms oft he space at different temporal resolutions.

Special Prize for Crowd Art: ASACT

(2013, Web-App)
by Daniel Becker, Michael König, David Murmann, Alexander Rechberg
LASACT enables users to create an interactive audiovisual light sculpture. This web application controls an RGB laser that can be projected onto surfaces such as building facades. Multiple users can influence the projections and sounds at the same time, creating a collaborative work of art.

Special Prize for Art+Science: Sablo

(2014, Applikation für iOS)
by Ernst Uys
This application is based on the Abelian Sandpile model (also known as the Bak-TangWiesenfeld-model) in theoretical physics. The model is a cellular automaton that approximates the dynamics of a pile of sand grains on a regular lattice. It is known to exhibit the phenomenon of self organizes criticality: here, a dynamical system shows algebraic long-range correlations. Through this mechanism, Sablo shows how complexity arises in nature.

Special Prize for Sound Art: Geometric Music

(2014, Applikation für iOS)
by Gaël Bertrand, Gaëtan Libertiaux
This application is an intuitive way to make music with sounds that people record. Geometric shapes represent the recorded sounds. Users can edit the sound by mixing and matching different shapes, adjusting their sizes and positioning them in various places. The application enables the user to create dynamic sound collages.

Exhibitions team

Project management: Julia Jochem
Technical management: Volker Sommerfeld

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe