Jonas Mekas. 365 Day Project
Jonas Mekas with a hat on his head and a camera in hand
Closed: Thurs–Sun, Sept 11.–12, 2014!
26.07.2014 – 09.11.2014

Filmmaker and lyricist Jonas Mekas, born in Lithuania, in 1922, and resident in New York is considered one of the most influential protagonists of independent cinema in the United States and Europe. Mekas’ work centers on such central themes as homeland, memory and recollection, thereby offering striking thematic treatment of the multiplicity and history of the emerging applications of media − from classic 16mm film through to the Internet-based video archive.

In the exhibition »Jonas Mekas: 365 Days«, his »365 Day Project« (2007), which is a reflection on one year in 365 films, may be viewed for the first time in a comprehensive, previously unseen installation, and is accompanied by Mekas‘ experimental documentary on independent cinema entitled »Birth of a Nation« (1997).