From Ackermann to Zabotin
A painting, consisting out of orang, yellow and black stripes
The Municipal Gallery Karlsruhe as guest at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art
03.10.2014 – 06.04.2015

Due to comprehensive renovation work, the Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe [Municipal Gallery] has been obliged to look for a temporary home for the duration of five months. At the invitation of Peter Weibel the gallery is now moving from atrium 10, in the South, to atrium 1, in the North part of this capacious building, which is home to both the ZKM including the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as the Karlsruhe University of Art and Design. Almost the entire upper floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art has been given over to the exhibition of the major works from the inventory of the communal collection. The tour, which commences with works from current art production and reaches back to the mid-nineteenth century, presents 82 paintings as well as 15 sculptures and objects by regionally-based as well as internationally renowned artists, such as Horst Antes, Georg Baselitz, Willi Baumeister, Friedrich Fehr, Gerhard Graubner, Hans Makart, Eduard Schleich, Emil Schumacher or Franz West. The exhibition’s compact, chronologically structured sequence leads to a unanticipated encounter between the most diverse artistic attitudes. Numerous works of art from the nineteenth century have either hardly been seen, or else not been seen at all. To these belong, among others, Moritz von Schwind’s portrait of his mother-in-law, Friederike Sachs (around 1842), and Carls Rottmann’s painting »Greek Landscapes« (around 1842).

Artists in the Exhibition
Franz Ackermann, Max Ackermann, Horst Antes, Hermann Baisch, Georg Baselitz, Willi Baumeister, Alexandra von Berckholtz, Max Bill, Hermann Binz, Julius Bissier, Volker Böhringer, Peter Brüning, Hans Canon, Carl Fred Dahmen,Theodor Dengler, Ludwig Dill, Gerd van Dülmen, Carl Ludwig Fahrbach, Friedrich Fehr, Günther Förg, Xaver Fuhr, Rupprecht Geiger, Hermann Goebel, Gotthard Graubner, Otto Greis, Erwin Gross, Otto Herbert Hajek, Erich Heckel, Bernhard Heiliger, Ernst Hildebrand, Antonius Höckelmann, Karl Hofer, Karl Hubbuch, Jörg Immendorff, Th. Jakob, Gustav Kampmann, Alexander Kanoldt, Edmund Kanoldt, Ferdinand Keller, Per Kirkeby, Herbert Kitzel, Wilhelm Klose, Gustav Kluge, Martha Kropp, August Kutterer, Thomas Lenk, Markus Lüpertz, Emil Lugo, Hans Makart, Meuser, Willi Müller-Hufschmid, Ernst-Wilhelm Nay, Richard Oelze, Benjamin Orth, Waldemar Otto, A. R. Penck, Otto Piene, Sigmar Polke, Paul von Ravenstein, Gerhard Richter, Carl Rottmann, Eduard Schleich, Rudolf Schlichter, Wilhelm Schnarrenberger, Gustav Schönleber, Wilhelm Schröter, Andreas Schulze, Emil Schumacher, Moritz von Schwind, Carl Sohn, Erwin Spuler, Walter Stöhrer, Hans Thoma, Wilhelm Trübner, Günther Uecker, Anton von Werner, Franz West, Ernst Würtenberger, Wladimir von Zabotin

Organization / Institution
Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe