GLOBALE: Frank Lüdecke – Schnee von morgen [Things of the Future]
 A bespectacled man looks at the camera. His arms are folded behind his head
Political Satire
Tue, June 23, 2015 8 pm CEST, Theater
»Schnee von morgen«[Things of the Future] is a political cabaret with philosophical flings. And with music.
The future is accelerating increasingly. Everyone senses this. What we learn today is a thing of the past and was already redundant yesterday. This is indeed a pity. Politics is no longer able to keep pace. There are many disappointed people who would even vote for »Vodafone«, arguing rather 50 free SMS than no pension. It is for this reason that Frank Lüdecke also focuses on the new hope as a way of finding the solution to the problems, namely, the Internet.

The new net society teaches us that the greater the stupidity among individuals, so the cleverer is the swarm. Should we not, therefore, place our hopes in the future of the »wisdom of the many« or, as the English say: the mainstream? This has functioned very well in other areas. On television, for example. Here, the »wisdom of the many« can be measured by quotas. And we are graced with Dieter Bohlen’s primetime casting shows.

Frank Lüdecke

Frank Lüdecke (German Light Entertainments Prize 2009, Bavarian Cabaret Prize 2010, German Light Entertainments Prize 2011), was member of the »Scheibenwischer« and »Satire-Gipfel« and has been part of the first league of German cabaret for years. He was Dieter Hallervorden’s number one author and artistic director of »Distel« in Berlin, and also writes satirical plays and columns. In his program he shows »both furious élan and endless charm, and how, as political satirist, it is possible to brilliantly master the dichotomy between intellectual humor and entertainment « (Internet Cabaret Prize Zeck).
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe