Holger Förterer: Epilogue

22.08.–11.09.2015 & as part of the Best of Shows

The palace facade within white lights and shadows of trees

An interactive projection as part of »Schlosslichtspiele«

This projection ventures a look forward into the next 300 years of Karlsruhe Palace, showing trees slowly growing over it and the stonework cracking. As time passes, the Palace increasingly resembles temple ruins that have been reclaimed by nature. But even in this fictional future, the Palace is not entirely abandoned: Spectators – now projected onto the Palace wall as shadows – can explore its flora in the adventurous image of ruins.


Holger Förterer, Karlsruhe (DE)

Project partners & sponsors

»Schlosslichtspiele«: A project by Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe in cooperation with ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. Supported by Sparda Bank Baden- Württemberg eG.